Canadian Championships

Canadian Championships – Change In Dates For Women's Events

Canadian Cue Sports Associations & Supporters;
A short time after the CBSA announced the dates for the 2012 CBSA Canadian Cue Sports Championships, the dates for the US Women’s Open – June 6 – 10, & Women’s World 9-Ball Championships – June 14 – 21, became official, creating a scheduling conflict with our events.
The CBSA has decided that the proper thing to do is to a;;ow our top women players the opportunity to participate in all the events that they have an invite to, so therefore are changing the dates for our championships.
The new dates are:
Women’s 9-Ball: Friday, June 1st to Saturday, June 2nd
Women’s 10-Ball: Sunday, June 3rd to Monday, June 4th
Amateur Women’s 8-Ball: Tuesday, June 5th to Thursday, June 7th
We apologize if the new dates causes any grieve for any Provincial Association or individual.
Steve Cooper
President, CBSA

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