Canadian Championships

2018 CBSA Canadian Championship Results

From May 22nd to June 2nd, the Canadian Billiards & Snooker Association (CBSA) hosted the 23rd Annual Canadian Pool Championships at The Corner Bank in Toronto. The prestigious event covered twelve separate disciplines in pool including open, women’s, amateur and junior events.

Open Events
Jason Klatt kicked off this years Championships with an 11-8 win over crowd favourite Alex Pagulayan to take the National 8-Ball title. The loss for Pagulayan would be his only loss over the course of the event. Alex went undefeated through both the 9-Ball and 10-Ball events as he added two more titles to his resume.

Open 8-Ball  27 Players Payout
1st Jason Klatt $2,450
2nd Alex Pagulayan $1,100
3rd Erik Hjorleifson $800
4th Alain Lessard $600
5-6th Dave Parker $450
5-6th Dean MacNaughton $450
Open 9-Ball 35 Players Payout
1st Alex Pagulayan $3,000
2nd Tom Theriault $1,300
3rd Martin Daigle $1,100
4th Brad Poorman $825
5-6th Jeff Robson $650
5-6th Mario Morra $650
7-8th Alain Lessard $450
7-8th Sumon Sarkar $450
Open 10-Ball 32 Players Payout
1st Alex Pagulayan $2,500
2nd John Morra $1,100
3rd Jason Klatt $900
4th Mario Morra $675
5-6th Erik Hjorleifson $500
5-6th Waleed Hashem $500
7-8th Andy Aupin $400
7-8th Dave Parker $400

Women’s Events
Naomi Williams and Brittany Bryant continue to dominate the Canadian pool scene. Both players only suffered losses to each other. This year, Naomi would be crowned 8-Ball and 9-Ball champion. Brittany would not be left empty-handed as she manage to take home the 10-Ball title.

Naomi Williams and Brittany Bryant
Womens 8-Ball 4 Players
1st Naomi Williams
2nd Brittany Bryant
3rd Suzanne Peters
4th Stefanie Virag
Womens 9-Ball 7 Players
1st Naomi Williams
2nd Brittany Bryant
3rd Leanne Lini
4th Valerie Bedard
Womens 10-Ball 4 Players
1st Brittany Bryant
2nd Naomi Williams
3rd Suzanne Peters
4th Maureen Seto

Amateur Divisions
These events always attract the highest number of participants. The 8-Ball event had 36 players with Timothy Bristow coming out on top over Clayton Dennis in the finals. Sumon Sarkar was on his game as he reached the 9-Ball finals for the second consecutive year, this time taking the title in a 53 player field. Jun Briones fought back from the B-side to win the 10-ball title. Hanna Kwon and Marie-France Blanchette came out on top of the 8-Ball and 9-Ball women’s events, respectively.

Sumon Sarkar
Sumon Sarkar
Womens Amateur 8-Ball  13 Players Payout
1st Hanna Kwon $950
2nd Valerie Bedard $600
3rd Natasha Khan $400
4th Angela Carrigan $250
Amateur 8-Ball 36 Players Payout
1st Timothy Bristow $1,500
2nd Clayton Dennis $1,200
3rd Marius Nakas $900
4th Sumon Sarkar $700
5-6th Jun Briones $450
5-6th Steven Liao $450
7-8th Ephriam Day $350
7-8th Jehlar Fernandez $350
Womens Amateur 9-Ball 9 Players Payout
1st Marie-France Blanchette $800
2nd Angela Carrigan $500
3rd Kristy Rinalli $300
Amateur 9-Ball 53 Players Payout
1st Sumon Sarkar $1,700
2nd Marius Nakas $1,400
3rd Jehlar Fernandez $1,100
4th Vince Chrylser $850
5-6th Ronald Giron $650
5-6th Tony Hong $650
7-8th Jeet Khandai $450
7-8th Greg Plester $450
9-12th Nicholas Ridley $300
9-12th Rick Garrant $300
9-12th TJ Humber $300
9-12th Woodee Tran $300
Amateur 10-Ball 28 Players Payout
1st Jun Briones $1,300
2nd Sumon Sarkar $950
3rd Jeet Khandai $700
4th Ronald Giron $450
5-6th Greg Johnson $325
5-6th Isaac Ramos $325

Junior Division
In the Under-19 finals, Dean Cuillerier whitewashed his opponent 7-0 for the title, while Brenden Croft took the Under-17 title.

Juniors U17 4 Players
1st Brendan Croft
2nd Haydar Cappo
3rd Isaac Yee
4th Corrado Nucifora
Juniors U19 5 Players
1st Dean Cuillerier
2nd Emmanuel Rampersaud
3rd William Cadieux-Meloche

Full Brackets are available at

A special thank you to John White and Frank Kakouros who made this event happen. Without these guys contributing their time and efforts over 12-days, this event would not have been such a success. We look forward to exciting news from the CBSA regarding next years events. Keep practicing!

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