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BCA venue photo by Jason Klatt
BCA venue photo by Jason Klatt

One of the most anticipated weeks in the Pool community is upon us and that is the the 2014 BCAPL International Bar Table Championships. This series of week long tournaments includes 24 different divisions which will see play in 9 ball, 10 ball and 8 ball in women’s and men’s singles, teams and scotch doubles divisions. The singles tournaments are open to anybody of amateur status and pros are allowed to enter the 9 ball and 10 ball challenge divisions. The men’s open 8 ball division is the single largest tournament in the world, boasting 1500 plus entries.
This year the amateur tournaments will also be complemented by two extremely prestigious professional events promoted by Cue Sports International. The events are 16 player invitationals with a who’s who of pool filling out the list of players. Participants will compete in a round robin format with each group being comprised of one player from Europe, North America, Asia and the Philippines. The player with the best record in the round robin stage will advance to the single knockout semi-final and final stages. There will be 8 ball and 10 ball divisions and they will be sure to be two of the most hotly contested tournaments in the history of pool.
Along with the pro tournaments, Cue Sports International will also be promoting a series of challenge matches. Below is the list of scheduled matches:
July 17 8 pm EST
Shane Van Boening vs. Ko Pin Yi
10 ball race to 21
July 21st 9pm EST
Corey Deuel and Mike Dechaine vs. Francisco Bustamante and Efren Reyes
Scotch doubles 8 ball race to 21
July 22nd 9 pm EST
Dennis Orcollo vs. Chang Jun Lin
9 ball race to 21
All matches, as well as the invitational tournaments, can be purchased at playcsipool.com, just click under the events icon and follow the links.
Straight-Pool will be following all the action and we will be giving daily updates from the amateur and professional tournaments. We will be focusing on the results from our Canadian talent and will have photo and written updates from our correspondents John Morra and Jason Klatt. Morra will be playing in the invitational pro tournaments and Klatt will be playing in the open bar-box table 9 ball and 10 ball tournaments. Stay tuned for all the results; it promises to be a great week of pool.
Some of the players we will be following, and hopefully some others who will make waves down there include:
(Maritimes) Colin Maloney
(ON) Harvey Shognosh, Pod Shognosh, Brittany Bryant, Maureen Van De Ven, Kayla Jones, John Morra.
(MB) Ryan Solleveld, Darcy Gilkes, Jason Klatt
(SK) Blaine Burns
(AB) Kevin Osborn, Joanne Ashton, Bev Ashton
(BC) Andrea Wilson

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