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Atlantic 9 Ball Tour Season 2 Event # 1 News!

Season 2 has begun and the first stop of the Atlantic 9 Ball Tour is now complete! This time, 98 of the Atlantic Provinces best 9 ball players competed from September 16-18, 2016.
Each of these events has $1,600 in added money. Also, 1st place in each event is guaranteed $1000. The Grand Finale event will have a minimum of $15,000 in added money and is scheduled for 19-22 May 2017. You must have played in 4 events in order to qualify for the Grand Finale!
The format is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. It is a double knockout event with a race to 9 on both sides. The finals will be one race to 13. Magic racks are mandatory and there is also a soft break rule. This rule is 2 balls must either be pocketed, go past the headstrong or a combination of these two.
Entry fees are staggered at $110 for an “A” player, $90 for a “B” player, $70 for a “C” player and everyone must pay a one-time $10 membership fee. The membership also entitles the player for a 10% discount on a billiard shop purchase! The different player classes are determined by the tournament director. There is also a ladies event, $200 added with a max field of 32 players, the entry fee is $60 and everyone must pay a one-time $10 membership fee.
Each of the events will begin on Friday night at 7 pm and finish on Sunday and the number of players has just been capped at a maximum of 128 players. This is now possible with the addition inside the pool room and the fact that there are now 16 tables.
Mr. TJ Martin has also decided to provide further incentives for participation in the following unique ways:
1. He has chosen to pay the top 2 x “B” players, the top 2 x “C” players and the top 2 x Senior players (over 60) a $100 bonus each at all of the events.
2. He has chosen to pay the top points leaders after the 8 events. The top “A”, “B”, “C” and female player will all receive a $1000 bonus. There will also be $500 bonus for the top senior player. Players must participate in 6 of 8 events in order to be eligible for these bonuses. As another incentive, female players are eligible for both the “C” player and top female bonuses! A big thank you to Paul Benoit of Ultimate Roofing Systems for adding $4000 for these bonuses!

Ultimate Roofing Systems              1 (902) 209-3721
Ultimate Roofing Systems
1 (902) 209-3721

3. For all tournaments, there will be a second chance tournament held on Sunday with $200 in added money (minimum of 8 players). “A” players will not be eligible for the next second chance event. Entry fees are $25 for a “B” player and $20 for a “C” player. The format is single knock-out race to 9 with the same rules as the main event.
4. For all tournaments, there will be a Calcutta paying 1st, 2nd and 3rd.
5. For all tournaments there will be a “Last Man Standing” Event and here is how it works:
A person has 5 options to participate in the “Last Man Standing” Event. He or she can pay $20, $40, $60, $80 or $100 to enter. If you decide to pay $60 for example and lose your first match $30 of this money goes to the final pot for the “Last Man Standing”. If you win this first match you just continue on. Once you meet up with another player who has entered, the winner of this match will get up to 1/2 of their money back as soon as that match is over. Here are a few scenarios:
A $20 player beats a $20, $40, $60, $80 or $100 player they get $10.
A $40 player beats a $40, $60, $80 or $100 player they get $20.
A $60 player beats a $60, $80 or $100 player they get $30.
An $80 player beats an $80 or $100 player they get $40.
A $100 player beats another $100 player they get $50.
If a higher paid player beats a lower paid player they get 1/2 of that player’s money. As an example a $100 player beats a $20 player they get $10 and so on.
Once the “Last Man Standing” has been determined the money remaining in the pot is given out according to the player’s entry. For example, if a $100 player is the “Last Man Standing” he or she gets all of the money left in the pot because their percentage is 100 %. If a $20 player is the “Last Man Standing” they get 20% of the pot and if the next person is a $100 player or an $80 player they get the rest. Another example would be if a $60 player is the “Last Man Standing” they would get 60% of the pot and if the next person was a $20 player they would get 20% and the other 20% would go to the next player in line.
This is a fabulous format to generate excitement, interest and a little extra incentive to win!
Here are all of the exciting results of the Atlantic 9 Ball Tour Season 2 Event # 1 held on 16-18 Sep 2016!
Main Event (98 players, $1000 added and total of $6900 in prizes)
1st – Tom Theriault $1,500
2nd – Colin MacDonald $1,000
3rd – Ashley Nowlan $800
4th – Rocky Johnson $600
5th/6th – Gilles Leblanc and Robert Williams $400 each
7th/8th – Mike Henderson and Aldei Doucet $250 each
9th/12th – Jim Taylor, Everett Paul, Carl Sampson and Jean Guy Belliveau $175 each
13th/16th – Kyle Richard, Ryan Kendall, Ryan Mackenzie and Nok Mantilino $100 each
Second Chance Event (13 players, $200 added and total of $500 in prizes)
1st – TJ Martin $250
2nd – Terry Gulliver $150
3rd/4th – Chris Dempsey and Pat Savoy $50 each
Top B Player – Robert Williams $100 and a 3 way tie for the other prize with Carl Sampson, Jim Taylor and Jean guy Belliveau sharing $100
Top C Player – Ryan Mackenzie and Derek Sloan $100 each
Top Senior Player (over 60 years old) – Carl Sampson and Jim Taylor $100 each
Ladies Event (14 players, $200 added and total of $940 in prizes)
1st – Leigh Ann Giles $340
2nd – Jennifer Potter $200
3rd – Janet Ritcey $160
4th – Kelly Brimicombe $100
5th/6th – Cathy Horgan and Jen Saulnier $60 each
Jump cue giveaway (valued at $149) winner – Chris Dempsey
The Billiard Shop gift card ($20 each) winners – Colin MacDonald, Christian Coffey and Peter Kabatay.
The Pechauer Cue raffle winner (valued at over $1000) was Pat Savoy of Saint John, NB!
The Calcutta had an amazing total of $8,210!
1st – $3,605
2nd – $2,165
3rd – $1,440
This “Last Man Standing” Event had a total of $780 for just 11 players!
“Last Man Standing” – Tom Theriault $600
Match Winners – Jeff Kennedy won $50 vs Chris Dempsey, Tom Theriault wins $50 vs Jeff Kennedy, Ashley Nowlan wins $10 vs Aldei Doucet, Kyle Richard wins $40 vs Jeff Kennedy, Jim Taylor wins $10 vs Brad Doyle, Jim Taylor wins $10 vs Kyle Richard and Aldei Doucet wins $10 vs Jim Taylor.
Tom Theriault $100
Jeff Kennedy $100
Kyle Richard $80
Dave Boone $100
Ashley Nowlan $100
Chris Dempsey $100
Buddy Young $40
Jim Taylor $20
Aldei Doucet $20
Brad Doyle $20
TJ Martin $100
Congratulations to all of the match winners and to Tom Theriault ($100), who was the “Last Man Standing”, winning the remainder of the pot which was $600!

Special thanks to the event host and sponsor, Almon Billiards (owner Mr. Dick Barker and all of his staff) as well as all of the other sponsors: The Billiard Shop, J. Pechauer Custom Cues, Bargain Auto Parts, Kyle Richard-PBIA Instructor, Shauna Boyle-Remax Realty, Lahey Glass, Verities IT Solutions, Ultimate Roofing Systems and O’Brian’s Mobile Wash. Special thanks to the tournament director Steve Cooper!
Please visit the Atlantic 9 Ball Facebook page or for further details and I look forward to seeing everyone at event # 2 from 21-23 October 2016!
The draw will be completed prior to the event and the first 16 matches will have a scheduled start time. The draw will be hidden at this event until the Calcutta and Last Man Standing Event is completed. There are already 115 confirmed entries for the main event and 24 confirmed for the ladies event!
Please help support our tour by purchasing an Atlantic 9 ball Tour polo shirt!
If you have any questions regarding the upcoming event please contact Mr. TJ Martin at 1-902-402-7954 or myself at 1-506-440-5590.
Thanks to all the players and fans that have supported the first event of what is going to be a fantastic season! I think this is one of the best tours in Canada. Come down to Almon to see some great 9 ball action and if you can’t at least watch it on our live stream.
Kyle Richard

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