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A Young Star Rises

After an exciting conclusion to the Amateur 9 Ball event on Saturday, the 2-5s kicked off early on Sunday, by 4:30pm 12 players emerged from the field. On the A side there was the flamboyant Froland Magsonac versus Patrick Doherty and the young gun Davis Manor versus the impressive Eva Bouldings. The four B side matches consisted of John Mortensen versus Garland Tully, Steve Frazao versus Elizabeth Kishimoto, Joshua Bryan versus Art Bertoni and Shaka Munene versus Che Lemmon.
As the tournament developed, Patrick sent Froland to the B side with a 6-4 win. At the same time, Davis Manor skunked Eva Boudling 5-0. John Mortensen pulls out very convincing victories over Garland and Steve beating them both 6-1. While on the bottom side of the B bracket Joshua Bryan edges out close wins against Art and Che.
As the field withered down to its final 6 players, Davis and Patrick play their first of what is to be three sets for the evening. Davis keeps his composure to outshoot the steady play from Patrick. On the B side Joshua enacts his revenge over Eva who initially sent him to the B side. Only to run into Froland who just beat John in a very tight hill-hill match, thus ending John’s dominating streak. Froland stays alive in the tournament by beating Joshua Bryan 6-3. As Davis waits in the hot seat, Froland and Patrick battle to get into the final for Sunday. Both players needed 6 games to advance. In what was a very back and forth match, Patrick pulls away from Froland to beat him 6-4 and gets a shot to win the title in what is an uphill battle against the young gun Davis Manor.
In one of the closest matches of the 2-5 9 Ball event’s history Patrick closes out the first of two sets hill-hill. After some amazing shots and gruesome safeties, Davis pulls out the shot of the final with a 7 to 9 combo to win the tournament hill-hill. The ecstatic Davis has grinded through three matches against the very strong Patrick Doherty to become this week’s 2-5 9 ball champion, a very well-deserved win. manor
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the 2-5 9 Ball event. Shooters will continue to create tournaments to help develop players and push them to new heights. More importantly, huge congratulations to Davis Manor who is this week’s 2-5 9 ball Champion. Additionally, Shooters would like to make an honourable mention to Patrick Doherty who fought hard all day only to come up a game short of becoming champion.
Prize Payout: $560
Calcutta: $310
1. Davis Manor – $240
2. Patrick Doherty – $160
3. Froland Magsanoc – $100
4. Joshua Bryan – $60
**Calcutta Not Included**
Watch out for our next events:
– August 20th Amateur 9 Ball Event (Note: this will be the last 9 ball event until the summer finale)
– August 21st 2-5 Extended Race 9 Ball Event

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