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Waleed Mukhtar… the comeback Amateur

Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto held the first summer (4-9) Amateur 9 Ball Tour on the 21st of May, 2016. This was the first of the eight events in this summer ’16. This day was registered with 24 competitive players. The Calcutta was performed in the morning at around 11:20 and players started their games at 12:00 noon. Exhilarating flashes all over the place led to the following update:
A Side Final:
Waleed Mukhtar vs Brandyn Griffin
B Quarter Final:
Kevin Oliveira vs Arjun Devarajan
Gannon McSween vs Steve Menezes
Brandyn Griffin quickly beat Waleed Mukhtar 5 games to 3 to seal the ‘Hot seat position’ in the A- Side. Meanwhile Kevin Oliveira and Gannon McSween qualified for the B side Semi- Final leaving Waleed Mukhtar waiting for the winner amongst the two from the B side Semis.
Gannon McSween beat Kevin Oliveira and was ready to face the fierce Waleed Mukhtar. Waleed started and ended the game perfectly lashing Gannon McSween 6 games to 0. Waleed then went on and faced Brandyn Griffin who sent him earlier to the B- Side Final.
This was not a special event, but it was a single event out of the series of the main event, therefore,  the winner of the B side had to beat the winner of the A side only once and not twice! But in the finale, it is a true double elimination, whereby the winner of the B side will have to beat the winner of the A side twice to achieve that very victory! Waleed kept his game composed and beat Brandyn Griffin by 6 games to 3 to secure the 1st place in this event!
Waleed Mukhtar
Shooters Snooker Club and its staff would like to thank each and every member and supporter who turned up on this event!
Field: 24 players (One-Day)
Prize Payout: $880 (No Green fee: 100% Payout!)
Calcutta: $520
1. Waleed Mukhtar $340
2. Brandyn Griffin $210
3. Gannon McSween $140
4. Kevin Oliveira $90
5. Steve Menezes $50
6. Arjun Devarajan $50
***Calcutta not included***
Shooters would also like to remind all the players that on the 28/29th of May, 2016, there will be a Shooters “47” EXTRAVAGANZA 9 Ball event and also on the 29th of May, 2016, there will be an amateur “2-5” one- day 8 Ball event.

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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