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Tyas and Harris bring home the bacon

On May 1, 2016, Shooters held the first Scotch Doubles 8 Ball Event on the 9 footers for those with handicaps from 2 to 5. There have been a number of events held recently at Shooters for those new to the game and those with less experience. These tournaments have the effect of bringing new players into a competitive tournament environment with the hope that these players will gain the experience and confidence in a tournament setting to be able to take on the “big boys” in some of the more established GTA tournaments. This serves to grow the game as well as well as provide enjoyment and camaraderie for new players.
In this event on May 1 the maximum individual skill level was 5 with the team handicap not to exceed 8. Among the players were several that we are used to seeing in the Amateur and ‘404’ tournaments so it was good to see these players enter with a “newer” player whose skill level would often have been lower than their own. Twelve teams turned out for the tournament.
When the dust settled at the end of the day Blake Tyas and Robbie Harris had won the ‘A’ side of the draw against Martin Snajdr and Joshua Bryan. Waiting on the ‘B’ side for Martin and Joshua were Caesar Custodin and Mike Ferreira. Caesar and Mike handily defeated Martin and Joshua setting up the tournament final match against Blake and Robbie. Blake and Robbie were just too strong on this day and defeated Caesar and Mike in the final match to win this 8 Ball tournament.
Congratulations to Blake Tyas and Robbie Harris for their tournament win. Good shooting guys.
Thanks to those who showed up for the tournament although others who entered need to invest in new alarm clocks. As noted in past articles, there are more innovative tournament formats on the horizon at Shooters for the balance of the 2016 spring and summer months before the ‘404‘ and ‘Amateur’ series begin for 2016/17. Tournament qualifiers are generally being run for each of these ‘one-off’ events.
Upcoming tournaments include;
May 14, 2016                   ‘8’ and Under 9 Ball Event
May 15, 2016                   ‘2-5’ 9 Ball Event
May 21, 2016                   Event #1 of the Summer Amateur 9 Ball Tour
May 28/29th, 2016          ‘4-7’ 9 Ball Extravaganza
Check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and www.thepoolscene for further details and dates. 

Player Prize Money Calcutta
1st Blake Tyas/ Robbie Harris $380 $260
2nd Caesar Custodin/ Mike Ferreira $250 $160
3rd Martin Snajdr/ Joshua Bryan $180 $100
4th Arjun Devarajan/ Androu Gerges $130 $60

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