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Shooters Extravaganza Results

After 2 long tiring days, super intense matches, safety battles and grinding games, Shooters “47” EXTRAVAGANZA Scotch Doubles 9 Ball Event ( 3rd event of Extravaganza Series ) has finally come to an end as Aqeel Mohamed/Jehlar Fernandez take down the title in style and prudency by defeating Scot Noonan/Che Lemon during the final game. Dave Daviau/Steve Scobie stood third respectively.
Major Shout-out goes to Aqeel/Jehlar, Scot/Che, Dave/Steve and Griff/Randy for playing exceptionally well and attaining their top 4 win for this event. Shooters Snooker & Sports Club would like to congratulate all the winners of this event.
The top 6 payouts are as follows:
1. Aqeel Mohamed/ Jehlar Fernandez $2740
2. Scot Noonan/ Che Lemon $1760
3. Dave Daviau/ Steve Scobie $1070
4. Brandyn Griffin/Randy Fawcett $600
5. Alan Ada/Miller Wage $300
6. Joshua Bryan/Andy Mizan $300

The EXTRAVAGANZA Series ( 6 events plus one Grand Finale ) is an opportunity for lower handicaps and amateurs to boost their game to another level by playing different players and experiencing the heat!
Todays event in general has shown all the players and supporters the use of having experience in this game at another level and the chemistry between two mindsets to overcome and play the game successfully!! The event also is an opportunity for amateurs to grab some cash along the way…
All in all, Shooters would like to take this unique opportunity to thank each and every one for coming out this weekend to support and play the event and also check out the intense action!
New Session of our Extravaganza Series Qualifier has started. With $3,700 (15%) hold back after the 3 events plus Shooters MONEY ADDED to the Finale and 3 more events to go before the GRAND FINALE!! Can’t wait to see the mega payout from this epic Extravaganza Series Grand Finale scheduled for May, 2018.
Mar 3. “Amateur” 9-ball Tour #7
Mar 10-11 “47” Extravaganza 10-ball
April (TBA) “47” Extravaganza Special Event
April 21-22 “47” Extravaganza 9-ball *STRAIGHT RACE*
May (TBA) “47” Extravaganza GRAND FINALE
**Extravaganza Qualifier every Tue & Thur 8pm, Sun 12pm**

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