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Ryann Malinao Dominates Shooters’ ‘47’ 10-Ball Extravaganza

This past weekend, March 26/27, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto, Ontario held its fourth edition of their ‘47’ Extravaganza events. This time around, it was the first ‘47’ 10-Ball Extravaganza Tournament. After the first two ‘47’ Extravaganza events had a great turnout and massive prize pool, this event was highly anticipated across the GTA. Players SL 4-7 registered in advance by paying the $150 early entry fee, while others qualified through Shooters’ qualifying tournaments held three times a week.
The tournament was strategically organized to ensure a large showing and a large prize pool. 43 players registered, the first 32 paying $150 and the rest paying a $175 entry fee. Shooters would like to thank the players for a great turnout despite the fact that it was Easter weekend, and there was a CCS event taking place in Mississauga. This unique 10-Ball event made for a competitive tournament with many intense matches. With such an evenly handicapped field it was hard to pick a favourite. Players competed throughout the weekend for their share of a prize pool and Calcutta of over $9,000.
Day one finished in an unpredictable and exciting fashion. Six players survived the first day of the tournament and would come back the following day to compete for the 10-Ball Extravaganza title.
The four undefeated players facing off on the A-Side were:
Greg Gautier vs Ken Stutz
Ryann Malinao vs Jehlar Fernandez
On the B-Side, Tom Polsinelli and Waleed Mukhtar awaited the losers of the A-Side quarterfinals.
Ken S defeated Greg G 7-5 and Ryann M overcame Jehlar F 7-4. In the A-Side semis, Ryann defeated Ken 7-5 in a close match, and Waleed continued to dominate the B-Side. While Ryann waited in the hot-seat, Waleed would face off against Ken, after Ken had sent Waleed to the B-Side earlier in the tournament on Saturday. Waleed would have his revenge this time, beating Ken 7-3 and setting up a finals against Ryann.
In this true double format, Waleed was required to beat Ryann twice in the finals. The finals match was nothing short of intense, as Ryann jumped out of the gate to take a 2-1 lead. Waleed then went on a hot streak, winning 5 games in a row to get to the hill. Ryanna managed to win the next 4 games, taking the match to a double-hill game. In the final game, Waleed broke and scratched. Ryann took advantage and managed to run out a difficult table, earning himself the title. Congratulations Ryann for going undefeated and showing true resilience in the finals, and also Waleed for fighting hard from the B-Side and shooting nearly perfectly throughout the weekend.
Shooter’s would like to thank all the players that came out to participate in this event and it’s weekly qualifiers. The next ‘47’ Extravaganza event will be a 9-Ball tournament on May 28/29.
Shooters would also like to remind everyone of its upcoming events this weekend:
April 2/3: Shooters’ Amateur 9-Ball Tour Event #8
April 3: ‘2-4’ 9-Ball Tournament
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments.
Event: Shooters “47” 10-Ball Extravaganza
Date: March 26/27 2016
Field: 43
Prize Pool: $6,380
Calcutta: $2,680
1. Ryann Malinao – $2,200
2. Waleed Mukhtar – $1,450
3. Ken Stutz – $930
4. Greg Gautier – $620
5. Tom Polsinelli – $400
6. Jehlar Fernandez – $400
7. Naomi Williams – $190
8. Jake Cajilig – $190
**Calcutta Not Included**

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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