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Rob Johnson: Shooters’ Super Seven

After the first event of its kind was very successful, on February 6 and 7, 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted its second 7 and under straight race event. This popular 9-Ball tournament style was open to all players SL7 and under competing in straight races to 7 with the 9-Ball being called. With many players in Ontario SL7 and under, players from all over the GTA registered in this event that supports amateur pool. The field was capped to 64 players and Shooters would like to remind everyone that registers to inform them in advance if they cannot make it so that other interest players may be contacted in advance. With 61 players competing for their share of the $3,100 prize pool and $1,600 Calcutta, the second 7 and under event was set to be a good one!
After a long day of fierce competition and 49 players eliminated, 12 players were left to return on Sunday at noon to compete for the title.
Side A:
Ryann Malinao. vs. Jeff Dick

Rob Johnson vs. Jeremy Isard
Side B:
McEarl Bucais vs Brad Lucas
Vince Belanger vs Jehlar Fernandez
Ronald Giron vs Marco Sevilla
Russ Cormier vs Rob Gray
After going down 5-2, Ryann M made a great comeback to win 7-6 over Jeff D while Rob J downed Jeremy I 7-3. After a few matches on the B-Side, McEarl B and Ronald G were left to face Jeff D and Jeremy I respectively. Ronald and Jeff would both win their matches and face each other in the B-Side semifinal.
Meanwhile, a hard fought A-Side match saw Rob Johnson prevailing over Ryann Malinao 7-5. The B-Side match featured a 0-4 comeback from Jeff Dick to defeat the fourth place finisher Ronald G. Jeff would now earn his chance at revenge against Ryann in the B-Side finals.
Jeff D got a taste of revenge as he defeated Ryann M 7-5, giving him the chance at the title against Rob J. Rob Johnson’s fantastic shooting would be too much for Jeff Dick in a final 7-1 matchup, giving Rob J the Shooters’ Super 7 title.
Shooters would like to thank the 61 players who came out to play in another superb bout of competition among Toronto’s best amateurs. We look forward to continuing to support our Amateur players and hope to see you all again soon.
Shooters would like to remind everyone of its upcoming tournaments:
Feb 13/14: Shooters 404 9-Ball Tour Event #6
Feb 20/21: 9-Ball Amateur Elites Tournament, Straight Race to 8, SL 9 and Under
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments. To register, please contact Peter Chin at (416)750-7787.
Date: February 6/7, 2016
Prize Pool: $3,100
Calcutta: $1,600
Spots Paid: 12
1. Rob Johnson – $900
2. Jeff Dick – $600
3. Ryann Malinao – $400
4. Ronaldo Giron – $280
5. Jeremy Isard – $180
6. McEarl Bucais – $180
7. Rob Gray – $120
8. Vince Belanger – $120
9. Russ Cormier – $80
10. Jehlar Fernandez – $80
11. Marco Sevilla – $80
12. Brad Lucas – $80
*** Calcutta not included ***

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