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Results from Shooters "2-6" Event

With the 47 extravaganza around the corner, there is another tournament hosted at shooters for the lower handicaps as there is every Sunday. However, this tournament was open to 6s as well! There were the likes of Darwin, Nathan, and Alan there as high favourites to win the tournament. We’re only going to do the last 6 for this tournament.
There were two matches on the B side starting with Garland Tully versus Cory Sharman and Davis versus Alan Ada. The one A-side match was between Darwin and Jehlar Fernandez. Darwin came on top to guarantee himself first or second place in this week’s tournament. Garland remained on his hot streak through the B-side to beat Cory Sharman in a surprising 3-2 score line. Davis who has made massive improvements to his game comes out on top of Alan Ada beating him four matches to three. Garland’s good play continues into his match against Davis winning hill-hill. Garland now plays Jehlar in the B side final match. Jehlar being the higher handicap beat Garland to have his rematch against Darwin in the final of this week’s 2-6 9 ball tournament. Jehlar was fighting an uphill battle as he has to spot Darwin a game and beat him twice as this is a special event. Jehlar manages to just close out the first match winning hill but then loses by the same margin in the next match.
Shooters first ever “2-6” 9 Ball event has just ended as Darwin Madriaja takes first place, Jehlar Fernandez stood second and Garland Tully placed third. We had 20 registered players all fighting for this title. Shoutout goes to Darwin and Jehlar for playing extremely well and showing their superb skill and determination.
Shooters would like to congratulate all the winners of this event.
Prize Payout: $ 800
Calcutta: 440
1. Darwin Madriaja $300
2. Jehlar Fernandez $200
3. Garland Tully $130
4. Davis Menor $90
5. Alan Ada $40
6. Cory Sharman $40
***Calcutta not included***
On November 12th & 13th prepare for Shooters most anticipated event the 4-7 Extravaganza! See you all there Shooters and non-shooters alike.
On the 13th of November there is also the 2-6 9 Ball Tournament.

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