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Plester dominates ‘47’ Extravaganza 2

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto, Ontario held its second edition to their ‘47’ extravaganza event on November 14/15, 2015. This highly anticipated event had players with a 404 tour handicap of SL4 to SL7 buzzing for the last three months leading up to this past weekend’s event. Players across the GTA either pre-registered for this event by paying a decent sized entry of $150 or they tried to earn a spot winning a weekly qualifier held by Shooters three times per week. The strategy Shooter’s and the tournament organizers put together to create a large prize pool and nice sized tournament field showed to be successful as the first 64 -$150 entries filled up weeks prior to the actual event. Players who registered after had their entry raised to $175 – $200.
47_1Day one of the two day event showed promising. Seventy-eight players from Toronto and from cities outside of the GTA enter to participate in the November Extravaganza event. The day started off with an unpredictable players auction (calcutta) and the first blind bid going back and forth between players which ended up with a final price of $610. So even before the first rack the bar was buzzing. With the large field, it was truly impossible to predict who would be crowned champion after the two days.
Day one finished in the same fashion as it started, unpredictable. Sixteen players finished on Saturday with a chance to compete for a prize pool of over $17,000. 47_3
Teen Yan, Gannon McSween, Cory Sherman, Ken Stutz, Brad Lucas, George Cornelius, Che Lemmon and Greg Plester finished the night undefeated on the A side.
Ray Jansen, Marius Nakas, Ephriam Day, Tom Hogan, Ronald Giron, Jaypee Castillo, Bernie Fulford and Mick Norris were on the B side but still competing hard for the chance to play for the top spot.
Shooter’s would like to congratulate Greg Plester for winning this November’s ’47’ Extravaganza 2 event and winning $4000. Greg entered this weekend’s event from winning a Sunday $30 qualifier. His determination didn’t stop there as he mentioned, he worked hard at the tables and practiced everyday leading up to the tournament in Toronto
47_4Greg dominated the Extravaganza event where he went undefeated both days. Greg matched-up with Ken Stutz in the finals. Ken who also had an excellent two days shooting well both days went rack to rack with Plester in the finals. Both competitors played hard and shot incredible but Plester showed his momentum didn’t stop and edged a victory 7-5.
Shooter’s would like to thank all the players that came out to participated in this event and it’s weekly qualifiers. Shooter’s awarded some hardware for the top three spots in this event where engraved trophies will be handed out in a few days later. Players were requested to wear semi dress code attire as the second day was streamed online for viewers to watch outside of the location. 47_2
We would also like to thank the organizer, promoters and all the staff for the hard work put in to make it a fantastic two days.
Tournament: Shooter’s Extravaganza 2
Field: 78 players
Entry: $150 – $200
Prize Pool: $11,800
Calcutta: $5,780
1st – Greg Plester – $4,000
2nd – Ken Stutz – $2,400
3rd – Gannon McSween – $1,450
4th – Brad Lucas – $900
5th – Bernie Fulford – $550
6th – Cory Sharman – $550
7th – Jaypee Castillo – $325
8th – Ray Jansen – $325
9th – George Cornelius – $200
10th – Che Lemmon – $200
11th – Teen Yan – $200
12th – Tom Hogan – $200
13th – Ronald Giron – $125
14th – Mick Norris – $125
15th – Ephriam Day – $125
16th – Marius Nakas – $125

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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