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Madness in this weeks’ 4-7 Extravaganza!

As always Shooters has the biggest tournament in Toronto with the biggest payout with just over $15,000 up for grabs. Who wouldn’t want to come out to win that kind of dough? There were both regulars and irregulars that showed up for this event. There was the return of Jeet K, Martin Yacobazzo and Jeff Dick just to name a few. However, most of the tournament favorites were the regulars, this was displayed in the calcutta. With individuals like Naomi Williams, Vince Chrysler, Nathan Clarke, Daniel Devos, and Alan Ada, it was going to be hard to call. However, once again most of the tournament favorites did not make it deep runs into the bracket. Nathan Clarke and Alan Ada were knocked out in very quick fashion.
The final 12 had to come back on Sunday to compete for more prize money as regardless of whether they win or lose these 12 players walked away with money. On the A side there was Nito Bucais versus Jeet K and Kevin Oliveira versus Curtis Muller. On the B side, there was Naomi Williams versus Steve Scobia, Ronald Giron versus Tom Hogan, Jackson Revell versus Daniel Devos, and Nicholas Ridley versus Arjun Devarajan.
Since the B side has to catch up with the A side, let us start with them first. Naomi Williams who would’ve been my pick to win the tournament dominated Steve Scobia 7-2 and pushes that goal of winning that much further. Ronald dispenses of Tom in a similar fashion winning 7-3 leaving Ronald and Naomi to play each other once again. I swear they end up playing each other every tournament or every two tournaments which shows just how good they are always meeting each other deep in the tournament. Previously Ronald has been the victor over Naomi, and you know what they say, history repeats itself. Ronald manages to send Naomi out of the tournament winning 7-6, a very close game nonetheless. On the bottom side of the B side, another tournament favorite gets knocked with Jackson beating Daniel 5-4. Arjun, who has made a return to the Shooter’s scene, shows that not much rust built up as he takes out Nicholas Ridley 5-3. His win streak continues against Jackson winning in a very close match hill-hill.
Now onto the A side finally. It seems that no one has been able to test Jeet all tournament as he was smashing people 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, etc. It would be the same result against Nito as Jeet sends him to the B side winning 7-2. The other A side match is much much closer. Both players go shot for shot, rack for rack with each other until it is hill-hill. Kevin manages to squeeze out the win, but there was nothing pretty about it. This now leaves Kevin to play Jeet in the A side final and for Nito to play Ronald and Curtis to play Arjun.
You can’t have a tournament without Filipinos making it far in the tournament. Nito and Ronald have to battle it out and boy was it close, the match went hill-hill before Nito closed it out and advances to the next round. The hill-hill story is recurrent with Curtis and Arjun showing just how close these players are in skill level. Curtis manages to be the benefactor of that match and now plays Nito. Both 5+s means it’s a race to 5. Nito uses his experience to get the better of Curtis and now advances himself to the B side final and awaits the loser of Jeet and Kevin.
Jeet comes out guns blazing and manages to kick out of all of Kevin’s safe. Jeet turned the barbeque on high as he could taste the finish line and smokes Kevin 7-1. Kevin determined to win the tournament beats Nito in a lightning fast set winning 6-0. Kevin now has to beat Jeet twice to claim this 47 Extravaganza title, can he do it? Kevin’s safeties start working out for him in the first of a possible two sets, after playing tight for so long it finally pays off allowing Kevin to capitalize and win the first set 6-3. The second set comes out in a similar fashion but after a few mistakes and a few rattles, Jeet manages to overcome Kevin in a 7-4 victory making Jeet this weeks’ tournament winner! Congratulations to all the individuals who made money this tournament and especially to Jeet for taking this tournament down, he played well on both days and fully deserves the win. Additionally, props to Nito Bucais, Curtis Muller both SL5’s, for finishing in the top 4.

Field: 64 players
Prize Payout: $9,300 ( After 15% hold back -Finale )
Calcutta: $6,300

1. Jeet Kandhai $2,900
2. Kevin Oliveira $1,900
3. Nito Bucais $1,200
4. Curtis Muller $800
5. Ronald Giron $500
6. Arjun Devarajan $500
7. Naomi Williams $330
8. Jackson Revell $330
9. Nicholas Ridley $210
10. Steve Scobia $210
11. Tom Hogan $210
12. Daniel Devos $210
**Calcutta not included**
Shooter’s Silver Jubilee, Event #4, April 1, 2017 – is only 3-weeks away.
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