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Kasperowitsch Breaks His Duck In Battle Of Top Three

On Cue Billiards – 22nd July 2014
Season 1 – Week 5

Ryan Kasperowitsch
Ryan Kasperowitsch
Mr. Consistent, Ryan Kasperowitsch, continued his fine run of form of late to win this week’s tournament at On Cue Billiards. After sharing the spoils last week he was brimming with confidence and it showed on the baize with some superb play.
First on the hit-list was Roland ‘Big Break’ Leblanc. Kasperowitsch produced a spectacular jump-shot in the first frame (his first of three with 100% success), only to leave the 7-ball hanging over the pocket. Roland couldn’t clear, missing his final ball for Ryan to take the opener. Some miscalculations and plenty of chances for both followed in the next few frames with Kasperowitsch coming out on top to race into a 4-0 lead in their race to 5. It’s never over until it’s over in this game and Roland wasn’t going down without a fight. One mistake too many from Ryan in the next two frames saw Roland take two on the bounce. However, the comeback was short-lived as Leblanc sank the 8-ball midway through the 7th for Kasperowitsch to progress 5-2.
Roland Leblanc
Roland Leblanc

One minor slip-up on the night for Kasperowitsch was in the battle of the top two. A lapse in concentration perhaps allowed Newsome to take a 3-0 lead. From then on the match began as Ryan produced his regular shot making and classy play but it was too late. Newsome retained the advantage as the pair went blow for blow and took a 5-3 win over his rival. Rob took the momentum into the next match as he matched-up with an off-colour Leblanc. Surely just a one-off, Roland was not on his usual game this week and will inevitably come back much stronger next time. He went down 5-2 against Newsome.
For the third time in five weeks, Newsome and Kasperowitsch met in the final. There seemed to be no stopping Kasperowitsch this week and some quick-fire frames saw him take a 4-1 lead. A break and run by Newsome brought the deficit down to 4-2 and there were chances for both in the next couple of frames which both went the Brit’s way to make it 4-4 and take us to a decider. A clearance attempt by Newsome went awry with a poor positional shot and Kasperowitsch did not need a second invitation to take advantage of an open table and clear up without a problem and take the win 5-4.
Ryan Kasperowitsch - Week 5 Champion
Ryan Kasperowitsch – Week 5 Champion

Hill Hill Pool’s zero handicap 8-ball singles tournament is held every Tuesday at On Cue Billiards (349 Jane Street, Toronto) starting at 7:30pm.
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