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Amateur PoolShooters

John Andrade comes from behind…

On the 25th of June, 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in the GTA held its “7 and under- race to handicap” event capturing 22 skillful players. That morning at Shooters was a busy one as there was a GPL Scotch doubles being played too on the Bar Box Diamond tables. The Calcutta hit in at 11:50 am and the games kicked off at 12:30 pm sharp. The atmosphere was intensifying as everyone gave their best performance on their respective games! The update then was as follows:
A Side Final:
Romeo Zulueta vs Miller Wage
B Side Semi- Final:
John Andrade vs Vince Chrysler
John was earlier sent to the B Side and stayed calm on his stroke and ended up to the B Side Semifinal whereby he smashed Vince by 5 games to 2. Miller on the other hand lost to Romeo Zulueta by 7-4 and was sent to the B Side to face the furious John Andrade. John then shattered Miller 5-3.
John then went on to the Championship side whereby he had to beat Romeo twice to capture this victory. John stayed calm and won both sets by 5-5 to capture this title! Congratulations to all the winners of this event!
Shooters would like to thank each and every one who turned out on this event to make it a successful one!!
Field: 22 players
Prize Payout: $850 (no green fee – 100% payout)
Calcutta: $640
1. John Andrade $330
2. Romeo Zulueta $210
3. Miller Wage $130
4. Vince Chrysler $80
5. Tony Hong $50
6. Naomi Williams $50
** Calcutta not included **
Shooters would like to remind you on the following events:
2nd of July, 2016: Amateur (4-9) 9 Ball tour
3rd of July, 2016: Amateur (2-5) 9 Ball event

John Andrade and Peter Chin
John Andrade and Peter Chin

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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