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Jeet Kandhai: Shooters 8-Ball Classic Champion

This past weekend on January 23/24 2016 Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted its inaugural ‘47’ 8-Ball Classic Tournament. With an entry fee of $150 for the first 32 and $175 for the next 16 registrants, this one was sure to attract many great players SL 4-7 competing for a larger than usual prize pool. Throughout the months leading up to the tournament, Shooters held $30-40 qualifiers for the main event, and so many players qualified for this event, while others purchased their entry spot.
There was a field of 45 players competing for a combined prize pool of almost $9,000 ($6,700 prize pool and $2,230 Calcutta). With many new faces, and many coming out to watch the tournament, it was sure to be an exciting and unpredictable one. It was also nice to see players string a few racks together, since this event was a winner breaks format.
The field was narrowed down to 4 players on the A-Side and 4 on the B-Side as day 1 came to an end. The following matches were set for Day 2:
Jago Raghoo vs Gannon McSween
Jeet Kandhai vs Jeremy Isard
Marius Nakas vs Naomi Williams
Rick Hutchings vs Vince Chrysler
Gannon M and Jeet K would get the best of their opponents and face off in the hot seat match, while Jeremy I and Jago R won their matches on the B-Side. Jago eliminated Jeremy in 4th place by beating him 7-3.
In the hot seat match, Gannon sent Jeet to the B-Side to face Jago by beating him 6-5. Jeet would earn himself a second chance to face Gannon. Jeet had a difficult task ahead of him since this tournament was a true double elimination, and he would have to defeat Gannon twice. In an unpredictable fashion, Geet went on to win in style. Jeet’s outstanding shooting saw him win two sets against Gannon: 7-1 and 7-1 to claim Shooters’ inaugural ‘47’ 8-Ball Classic championship and take home $3,150 in prize money and Calcutta. Congratulations Jeet Kandhai on a well-earned comeback and Gannon McSween for a hard fought 2nd place and bagging $2,070 in prize money and Calcutta.

Gannon McSween, Peter Chin and Jeet Kandhai
Gannon McSween, Peter Chin and Jeet Kandhai

Shooters would like to thank the organizers and staff for everything running smoothly, even with the venue jam packed with bar box playoffs also going on.
Shooters would like to remind everyone of its upcoming tournaments:
Jan 30: Shooters Amateur 9-Ball Tour
Feb 6: 7 and under 9-Ball Tournament
Feb 6/7: Six Reds Amateur Snooker Tournament
Mar 26/27: Shooters ‘47’ 10-Ball Extravaganza
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments. To register, please contact Peter Chin at (416)750-7787.
Event: Shooters ’47’ 8-Ball Classic
Date: Jan 23-24, 2016
Field: 45
Prize Pool: $6,700
Calcutta: $2,230

1st  Jeet Kandhai $2,250
2nd  Gannon McSween $1,500
3rd  Jago Raghoo $980
4th  Jeremy Isard $630
5-6th  Marius Nakas $410
5-6th  Vince Chrysler $410
7-8th  Naomi Williams $260
7-8th  Rick Hutchings $260

* Calcutta not included*

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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