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“Indian Power” wins “47” Extravaganza

Shooters Snooker & Sports Club would like to take this opportunity to congratulate “Indian Power” for winning the “47” Extravaganza 9 Ball Straight Race Event. Jeet Kandhai’s consistent and outstanding performance with ‘no alcohol’ for 2 days has led him undefeated for the whole weekend and took down the Championship Title winning $2,700 in cash payout with a big smile! Stuart MacTaggart on the other hand played extremely well and secured second place. James Peake stood third and Jeff Dick placed fourth. John Andrade and Chris Bartha finished 5th/6th. Jehlar Fernandez and Nicholas Ridley came 7th/8th……

On the other side of the Hall, “Second Chance” Money Added Tournament to the players that don’t make it to the Sunday rounds has just finished as Alan Ada takes home the title! The players battled hard during the day leaving Chris Capinpin and Alan on the A Side finals. On the B side there was Steve Scobie against Michael Oprecio where Steve emerged victorious in a nail biting match. Alan defeated Chris on the A-side sending Chris to face Steve. Chris and Steve played well but in the end Steve came out on top.
1. Alan Ada
2. Steve Scobie
3. Chis Capinpin
4. Michael Orprecio

The next and last Extravaganza Series Event – “Group Shootout” is scheduled for May 5-6, 2018. With $5,800 held back after 5 events plus Shooters Money Added in the Grand Finale! The “47” Extravaganza Series has the biggest payout and most exciting Events for the Amateur players!

Shoutout goes to the winners of today’s event for playing exceptionally well and attaining their respective wins.
Shooters Snooker Club would like to take this time to congratulate all the winners of today’s event and also a sincere thank to everyone that came out today to support and play the event and check out the extremely exciting action!
See all of you on:
April 28 “Amateur” 9-ball Tour #9
*Money Added & no Green Fee* – Last event before Finale*

May 5-6 “47” Extravaganza Group Shootout
(2 Groups: SL 3-5 & SL 6-7)
June (TBA) “47” Extravaganza Series Grand Final
(15% hold back from 6 events plus MOMEY ADDED)

New Session of our Extravaganza Series Qualifier has started. With $5,800 (15%) hold back after the first 5 events plus Shooters MONEY ADDED to the Finale and one more events to go before the GRAND FINALE!! Can’t wait to see the mega payout from this epic Extravaganza Series Grand Finale scheduled for June, 2018.

**Extravaganza Qualifier every Tue & Thur 8pm, Sun 12pm**

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

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