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Improvement finally pays off!

This week was the 5th installment of the 404 9 Ball Tour held at Shooters this season. 27 different shooters came out compete for $1,320. This was a pretty competitive week with no big powerhouses showing up it was anyone’s tournament.
In the final match of the A side there was Aqeel Mohamed versus Darwin Madraija. On his way to the A side final Aqeel managed to beat Trevor Arnold, Rob Mcgill, Ian Argue, and Kevin McCan. Darwin had a much tougher route playing Ryan Millar first round, then getting past Mick and Tony Hong before beating a 12 in the name of Desmond B. Aqeel had been playing consistently strong all day and that wasn’t about to change against Darwin. Darwin managed to make it just past halfway before Aqeel hit his four games to guarantee himself in the finals of this week’s tournament.
On the B side, Tony Hong went up to face Kevin McCan. Tony’s unconventional play style beat Kevin 6-3. Richard Murray went up against Desmond. Richard has since been bumped down to a 6+ after struggling being a 7 for so long without any results. With extra confidence Richard managed to beat Desmond 6 games to 8. Now Richard plays Tony, Tony plays phenomenally against Richard to win 6-3 and now faces Darwin in the B side final and is able to get some revenge for sending him to the B side.

In a much closer match Darwin loses 6-5 to Tony which pushes Tony Hong into the tournament finals versus Aqeel. Since this is not a special event Tony just needs to beat Aqeel once to claim the title. While Tony did play well, Aqeel went game for game with Tony which meant the score ended 4-4 with Aqeel winning his first major title at Shooters Snookerclub. Congratulations to Aqeel for winning his first tournament and to Tony for his high place finish which is rare in itself. Shooters would like to thank everyone for the continuous support with these tournaments and would like to remind everyone that the first of the Silver Jubilee Tournaments is coming up this weekend. It will be a group Shootout with $1,500 added by Shooters for you guys. See you all there!
Prize: $1320 (No 15% Holdback and Cash Added)
Calcutta: $520
1. Aqeel Mohamed $500
2. Tony Hong $330
3. Darwin Madriaja $210
4. Richard Murray $140
5. Desmond Barry $70
6. Kevin McCann $70
***Calcutta not included***
Upcoming Events:
21st January – Silver Jubilee Group Shootout Tournament – PLEASE NOTE – this event has $1,500 added for two groups 2-4 and 5-7 with Two SPONSORED spots (by Shooters) to the Tournament’s finale later this year in April.

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

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