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Froland, Aqeel and Woody Bag up the Tourney!!

On the 22nd of May, 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto, ON held a “2-5” one- day 9 ball event with 26 players registered having a variety of all handicaps starting from the 2s all the way to the 5s at large. The event kicked off at around 12:45 after the Calcutta conclusion. The Amateur players had ups and downs throughout the day. The atmosphere in Shooters was intensifying there was an introduction of the “+” handicaps. This tournament was extremely difficult to predict as it would have swerved in any direction. After a few hours and games, the tournament stats were as follows:
A Side Semi- Final:
Woody Tran vs Don Synerk
Aqeel Mohamed vs Froland Magsanoc
Froland Magsanoc and Woody Tran emerged as the winners on the A side final and sent Aqeel Mohamed and Don Synerk to the B side. Aqeel Mohamed played Ashraf Nagib and Don Synerk played Jake Cajilig on the B side quarter final. Aqeel Mohamed hammered Ashraf Nagib by 5 games to 1 whilst Jake Cajilig shattered Don Synerk 7 games to 0.
At this time of the evening, intensity was rising as both Aqeel and Jake were having their ‘best performance’ games. Hand in hand, the A side final started and the B side semifinal was underway. Woody Tran was up 3 games to nothing but Froland Magsanoc calmed his game down to beat Woody Trans by a score of 6-3 waiting in the hot seat. Aqeel Mohamed beat Jake Cajilig 4 games to 4 as he was now ready to face Woody Trans for the B side final! Aqeel Mohamed then went on and beat Woody Trans by the same score of 4-4 to secure his place to the Finals in this tournament! Froland Magsanoc remained unbeaten in this whole tournament as he overcame Aqeel Mohamed by 6 games to 2. Congratulations to all the winners of this tournament!
All in all, this was a very hard prediction to recognize as the games would have transformed into any direction. Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all 50 players who showed up in these 2 events (Saturday and Sunday) on a busy Long Weekend! Shooters Snooker Club and its staff would also like to remind everyone that there will be a:
Shooters “47” EXTRAVAGANZA 9 Ball event on the 28/29 of May, 2016. For more details, contact Peter Chin- 416 750 7787.
Lastly, there will also be a “2-5” 8 Ball one day event on the 29th of May, 2016.
Field: 26 players (One-Day)
Prize Payout: $930
Calcutta: $570
1. Froland Magsanoc $350
2. Aqeel Mohamed $230
3. Woody Tran $150
4. Jake Cajilig $100
5. Ashraf Nagib $50
6. Don Synerk $50
** Calcutta not included **

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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