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September 27 – Petrina’s hosted a Canadian Qualifier for the Amateur Pool Player Tournament to be held in Orlando, Florida in November. This event was completely sponsored by Petrina’s to guarantee Canadian participation south of the border. The field of this event was thirty two deep with the likes of Al Smart, Derrick Claus, Terry Martin, Alex Marsilii, Timothy Bristow, Brian Belobradic, and Mike Black.
The double elimination tournament was an all-day affair requiring not only skill but stamina. The tourney was a race to seven on the A-side and a race to five on the B-side. Durham Region’s perennial favourite to win Brian Belobradic tip-toed thru the mine-field and wound up on the A-side final against Derek Claus who blitzkreiged his opponents to move forward.
Derek would relegate Brian to the B-side and await an opponent on the A-side. Rick Garant had an early A-side exit which forced him to bear down and fight tooth and claw for his advance. He made it the B-final against Brian Belobradic and walked past him in a 5-3 fight.
In the end there could be only one winner. Derek defeated Rick Garant to earn his trip to Florida.
This tournament would not have gone off without the efforts of Rob MacArthur to co-ordinate with American Directors to the event.

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