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Filipino Power at the 9-Ball Summer Session Finale

What a way to end the summer session! With 64 registered players there was bound to be some drama. Many big names showed up to compete for the prize pool, $1,100 of it was contributed by Shooters and with the calcutta also going high it meant there was plenty of competition. The last twelve were full of tournament favourites.
On the A Side there was Ronald Giron versus Ryann Malinao and Froland Magsanoc versus Mike Fischer. Even the B side was packed with Nathan Clarke playing against an impressive showing from Joe Theriault. Jesse Piercy who played the unknown but strong Ryan Millar, Waleed Hashem versus Curtis Muller, and Naomi Williams versus Terry Demeo.
With the mix of handicaps and powerhouses present there is no obvious winner. Ryann’s road to through the tournament was plagued with hill-hill matches, his close call with Ronald Giron turned out in his favour as Ronald missed a hard cut on the 9 to sell the match to Ryann. Similarly in the other A side semi-final the match also went hill-hill. With Mike breaking hill-hill one might’ve assumed the break and run. Mike, however, broke dry with the 9 ball hanging over a pocket. Both players try to carom the 9 in, with Froland’s attempt grazing the 9 but without the power to put it in. In the end the pressure got to Froland making him miss the 8 and giving Fischer a tough shot. Fischer who is unfazed closes out the match and proceeds to the A side final to play Ryann Malinao.
The B side was slightly less dramatic, with Naomi beating Terry with relative comfort. A newcomer Curtis had a deep run beating Waleed but could not handle Naomi losing 8-3. Jesse Piercy, who lost his first match managed to come all the way through the B side to face and beat Ryan Millar. Jesse then went on to face Nathan who previously beat Joe Theriault. In a back and forth match, Jesse started to gain a lead but Nathan pulled it back and won hill-hill. The B side quarter finals matches now consisted of Froland versus Nathan and Ronald versus Naomi. With more of the luck on his side Nathan manages to beat Froland and progress to the B side semi-final. Ronald has a very strong showing versus Naomi beating her comfortably 7-3 to face Nathan. Ronald’s strong form was too much for Nathan to handle and Ronald took the win by the same margin as his previous match to face the loser of Mike and Ryann.
In the last few matches of the night, an intense battle between Ryann and Mike went hill-hill. After a missed safety from Fischer Ryann ran the rack to now sit in the final and sent Mike to face Ronald. Ronald had a very dominant performance versus Mike and won again 7-3. Ronald who now enters his first finals at Shooters faced the on form Ryann. Ronald’s strong play was not able to overcome Ryann as Ryann took home the championship by beating Ronald 8-4. Congratulations to Ryann, Ronald, and Mike who finished first, second, and third respectively. All three players played their hearts out. Special mention to Mike Fischer who made an insane 9 ball combo against Froland to put the match to hill-hill.
Ronald Giron
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the Amateur 9 Ball Tour Finale. Shooters will continue to create tournaments to get players from all around Ontario to come and compete. More importantly, huge congratulations to Ryann Malinao who takes home another title at Shooters. Additionally, Shooters would like to make an honourable mention to Ronald who fought hard both days to enter his first final. Shooters would like to mention that next week (September 10th) will be the start of a new season for the Amateur 9 Ball and 404 Tour. Lastly, Shooters is coming out with a brand new 10 Ball Tour to start in October.
Field: 59 Players
Prize Payout: $3,620 ($1,100 Added by Shooters)
Calcutta: $2,630
1. Ryann Malinao – $1,130
2. Ronald Giron – $730
3. Mike Fischer – $470
4. Nathan Clarke – $310
5. Naomi Williams – $200
6. Froland Magsanoc – $200
7. Jesse Piercy – $130
8. Curtis Muller – $130
9. Joe Theriault – $80
10. Ryan Millar – $80
11. Waleed Hashem – $80
12. Terry Demeo – $80
*Calcutta Not Included

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