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The Chysler that can’t be stopped!

As the first snow falls for the year Shooters’ third 404 9 Ball Tour event came and gone. This time there were 34 shooters that came out to compete for a prize pool just short of $1,500. Coming down to the last 12, on the A side the matches were Nito Bucais versus Dean Mcnaughton and Froland Magsonac versus Vince Chrysler. On the B side, we had Mike Fischer versus Jehlar Fernandez, Aqeel Mohamed versus Davis M, Russ Cormier versus Rob C and Darwin M versus Rocky Mansera.
Dean MacNaughton started off the day destroying people 9-1 and 9-0 respectively. Nito refused to back down and took Dean to the hill. However, in a hill-hill match one would normally bet on the higher handicapped player and in this case one would be right. Dean wins hill-hill to advance to the A side final. Vince has had a tough road up to this point having to play Mike Fischer and Mario Morra in his earlier matches. The proved to only make him stronger allowing him to beat Froalnd 7-3. Vince and Dean will now play against each other in the A side final.
On the B side, Jehlar manages to beat Mike Fischer 6-3 and then went on to play Davis who previously beat Aqeel 4-3. Jehlar beat Davis by the same margin as he beat Mike by to play Nito in the B side quarter finals. Russ lost to Rob 5-1 and went on to play Darwin who previously beat Rocky hill-hill. Rob could not match the firepower of Darwin losing seven games to one. To continue on the B side, Jehlar and Froland beat Nito and Darwin respectively in fairly close games. This left Froland and Jehlar to face each other in an all Filipino semi-final. While Froland and Jehlar shot rack for rack with each other it is Froland who takes home the victory winning 5-4, showing some noted improvement in recent times. Froland now waits for the loser of the A side final.
Dean and Vince is a highly anticipated match with both players being previous winners and strong favorites to take home the title. With both of them being a plus at their rank the race is 8-7. Both their play styles are very different from each other. Vince has a more of the go with the flow playstyle, whereas Dean is much more methodical and calculated. They are both masters of their playstyle leaving the game going rack for rack all the way to the hill. Dean however once again takes the victory in the hill-hill match to send Vince to the B side to face Froland.
A fired up Vince makes quick work of Froland disposing of him 7-1 to once again face Dean in the tournament finals. Since this is not a special event Vince just has to beat Dean once to take home the title. The fact that Vince has played non-stop must’ve had an impact on the cool and calculated Dean as Vince took a slight lead against Dean and never gave it away winning this week’s 404 9 ball tour 7-5.
Congratulations to Vince Chrysler for winning another Shooters tournament, it seems like no one can stop this beast! Also special mention to Dean Mcnaughton who has only lost one match in his last two tournaments, that is not bad for someone who we haven’t seen on the circuit in a few months. Please look below for the list of winners.
Field : 34 players ( One-Day Event )
Prize: $1,470 ($500 added and 15% holdback for the finale)
Calcutta: $910
1. Vince Chrysler $500
2. Dean MacNaughton $330
3. Froland Magsanoc $220
4. Jehlar Fernandez $140
5. Nito Bucais $90
6. Darwin Madriaja $90
7. Davis Menor $50
8. Rob Colquhoun $50
***Calcutta not included***

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