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Chrysler Model…Winner!

One week away from the Colossus! With the 37 10 ball being the last tournament until the Colossus there was a full one day field of 32 players getting ready. We had a full range of players today with quite a few lower handicaps playing and a few 7s. Some of the favourites this tournament included: Vince Chrysler, John Andrade, and Norm Santos.
The final 8 included Martin Yacabazzo versus Brad Guthrie and Vince Chrysler against Jake Cajilig on the A side. On the B side there was John Andrade versus Froland Magsonac and Adam Roos versus Noel Bregaudit. Brad Guthrie was on fire as he won every single one of his matches up to this point without letting his opponent get a rack on him. With Brad this hot he was going to be hard to stop, but Martin never backs down from a challenge and is the first player to really test Brad. Martin was going game for game with Brad until eventually he won 6-6 and knocked Brad to the B side. The other A side match was much less contested as Vince runs away with the match winning 7-2.
On the B side, Froland has also been having a good day making a deep run in the tournament yet again. John Andrade could not seem to hit his gear against his fellow compatriot leaving Froland to advance by a 5-3 score line. Froland now has to run into the smoking Brad who was fuming from his loss against Martin. Brad did not recover as well as he could’ve and had another hill-hill match, but this time he was the beneficiary. Adam was feeling good going into his match having just barbecued Gerald 6-0 but Noel proved to be a tough match going to a nerve-racking hill-hill. Adam continued on and won the match and then continued to play Jake whom he also beat 5-3. This leaves Adam and Brad to battle for 4th place and higher. As with most 5’s Adam was not able to keep his form up against Brad and was knocked out of the tournament in a 7-2 defeat.
Back to the A side, Martin and Vince had to battle it out for a guaranteed second place. Vince seemed calm and cool as he was playing. Vince coasted through his 7-2 win against Martin to put him in prime position to win this week’s tournament. This now leaves Brad and Martin in a revenge match for Brad. This time Martin was not able to stop the bulldozer that is Brad Guthrie losing again 7-2. This tournament’s finale was now between the two 7+s to battle it out for first. Both players were shooting well and keeping the match close. Vince manages to just pull away by two games winning 7-5 and taking home this week’s 10 Ball Tour title!

Vince Chrysler, Peter Chin and Brad Guthrie

Congratulations to all the individuals who cashed at this week’s Shooter’s event. Also congratulation to Vince and Brad who both have deservingly gone up to 8s to represent their improvement and strong playing ability. Shooters would like to thank everyone who played and supported our event in this very busy tournament Easter Weekend and see you in the $8,000 added “Silver Jubilee Finale”, April 22-23.

Field: Capped 32 players (One Day)
Prize: $1,440 (Money added and No 15% hold back)
Calcutta $970

1. Vince Chrysler $500
2. Brad Guthrie $ 320
3. Martin Yacobazzo $210
4. Adam Roos $130
5. Jake Cajilig $$90
6. Froland Magsanoc $90
7. Noel Bregaudit $50
8. John Andrade $50
**Calcutta not included**

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