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Carlin Does It Again!

9 And Under Invitational Event

What a blast again for Carlin Sanderson, it is almost as if he is practicing again! Shooters was proud once again to add $1,000 to the prize pool. Not only that, Shooters gave away 4 spots to the November 4-7 Extravaganza! After many hours the 38 players that originally started the day eventually dwindled down to 12. On the A side there was the only British individual of our tournament this week Ben Crawley versus Waleed Hashem and Carlin Sanderson versus Brandyn Griffin. On the B side there was Chris Alimurung versus Jago Ragoo, Rob Hall versus Agata Pak, Glen Seesman versus Art Bertoni, and Marco Sevilla versus Vishal Mor.
Carlin who once again making a strong appearance and so far not dropping to the B side, which he is infamous for, managed to beat Brandyn 9-4. The other A side match resulted in an 8-5 win for Ben Crawley to face Carlin Sanderson in the A side final. On the B side Glen comes emerges out of the final 12 beating Vishal Mor hill-hill to face Brandyn. Brandyn who is determined to keep going beats Glen 6-5. Even though Rob Hall fell to the B side early he manages to recover beating Agata 9-1, Jago 9-6 but unfortunately falls to Waleed 3-7. The two losers of the A side semi-final matches now go head to head to try and beat the A side final loser. With Brandyn being a very fast and loose player it was always going to be hard for Waleed to contain him, the match went back and forth with both players feeling the pressure. Waleed being the more experienced player and making vast improvements to his game manages to edge out an 8-4 victory against Brandyn.
Back on the A side both players who are playing as an 8+ go head to head to guarantee themselves first or second place. With the new handicapping and a vast influx of players it has been a long time since there have been back to back tournament winners. There is a chance for Mr. Sanderson, but can he pull it off? Carlin squeezes out the hill-hill match against Ben to now sit in this tournament’s final. This does not deter Ben as he goes on to face Waleed in the B side final playing another hill-hill match Ben emerges victorious to try and seek his revenge against Carlin. Both Carlin and Ben were tired and decided to split the cash and position due to the late night.
As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the 9 and Under Invitational event. Shooters will continue to create tournaments to get players from all around Ontario to come and compete. More importantly, huge congratulations to Carlin Sanderson who takes home another title at Shooters winning back-to-back tournaments. Additionally, Shooters would like to make an honourable mention to Ben Crawley who fought hard both days to enter the A side final and on coming back from the B side to the tournament final.  Please look below for the upcoming Shooters events!
4 free “47” Extravaganza entry spots were given to:
SL 3-5: Art Bertoni and Marco Sevilla
SL 6-7: Brandyn Griffin and Waleed Hashem
We would like to congratulate all the winners of this event and also the 4 players who received free spots into the “47” EXTRAVAGANZA scheduled on Nov 12/13.
Field : 38 players ( One-Day Event )
Prize: $2340 ($1000 added by Shooters)
Calcutta: $1120

  1. Carlin Sanderson & Ben Crawley $1320 ( 1st, $800 2nd,
    $520 )
    3. Waleed Hashem $340
    4. Brandyn Griffin $220
    5. Glen Seesemann $140
    6. Rob Hall $140
    7. Jago Ragoo $90
    8. Vishal Mor $90

***Calcutta Not Included***
Shooters Snooker Club would like to take this unique opportunity to once again thank all the players and supporters of our special event!
Saturday, 24 September : 404 tour #1
Sunday, 25 September : “2-5” 9 Ball event

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