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Brandyn on a Heater

On Sunday, the 15th of May 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto held another Amateur 2-5, one day 9 – Ball event having 32 players participating on that very Sunday. Exciting moments passed by having each player affected either positively or negatively. At this point, the A side was undergoing its finals by having
A Side final:
Brandyn Griffin vs Mel Berber
B Side semi final:
Aqeel Mohamed vs Froland Magsanoc
Aqeel Mohamed then beat Froland Magsanoc on a hill- hill battle whilst Brandyn Griffin beat Mel Berber 6- 3 sitting already in the hot seat now waiting for the match of Aqeel Mohamed and Mel Berber. Another hill- hill battle surprisingly led to Mel Berber’s victory and he was now going back to face Brandyn Griffin in the finals for the Ultimate prize!
Lastly, It was next to impossible for Mel Berber to beat the Sizzling techniques of Brandyn Griffin as he took 2nd place and Brandyn took 1st!
The day was generously very intense as there were quite a lot of Hill- Hill battles!
Field: capped 32 players (One-Day)
Prize payout: $1,130 (No Green Fee)
Calcutta: $710
1. Brandyn Griffin $400
2. Mel Berber $260
3. Aqeel Mohamed $170
4. Froland Magsanoc $100
5. Steve Frazao $60
6. Blake Tyas $60
7. Jason Ashwood $40
8. Patrick Doberty $40
*** Calcutta not included ***
Shooters would like to remind everyone that another 3 events will be held in : Sat May 21, Amateur Event ( 4-9 handicap – summer session )
Sun May 22, “25” 9-ball event

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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