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Bert Saptel wins the “2-5” 9 Ball

On the 19th of June, 2016, Shooters Snooker Club in Toronto hosted its “2-5” Amateur 9 Ball event! It was not only a Sunday, but also Father’s day and various skilled players turned up on this day. The Calcutta was performed at 12:30 pm and the matches were underway by 1:00 pm. The players had their ups and downs which directed to the update as follows:
A Side Semi-Final:
Bert Saptel vs Cesar Castudio
B Side Semi- Final:
Woody Tran vs Foland Magsanoc
Bert sent Cesar to the B Side by beating him with a score of 5-0 and was on the hot seat.
On the other hand, Woody Tran beat Froland Magsanoc 6-4 and was ready to face Cesar for the
B side finals. Cesar however stepped up to the field and thrashed Woody 5-2 and was now ready to beat Bert twice for the Championship title.
Bert Saptel and Cesar had an extremely long and tiring game full of safeties and concentration. Cesar took the game to a hill- hill score and had the 9 Ball to pot and claim his first match. Unluckily, he scratched on the 9 Ball which gave Bert Saptel instantaneous Victory on this ‘‘Father’s Day’’.

Cesar Castudio and Peter Chin
Cesar Castudio and Peter Chin

Lastly, as mentioned on our Facebook page, the tournament winner was extremely unpredictable. The 5s were eliminated from the tournament and the 4s dominated it at large. Shooters Snooker Club and all its staff would like to congratulate the winners of this tournament.
Shooters would also like to take this opportunity to remind all the players and supporters of the 2 upcoming events:
25th June, 2016 – “7 and under” 9 Ball event
26th June, 2016 – “2-5” 9 Ball Scotch Doubles

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

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