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Argue Claims Shooters’ Amateur Champion Title

Shooters Snooker Club hosted its 7th Event in its Amateur Tour Series this past Saturday, February 27, 2016. This 9-ball event welcomed players SL 4-9 to compete for a $1,320 prize pool and $850 Calcutta. The field was capped at 32 players to allow the tournament to be a one-day event to accommodate for Shooters’ ‘3-5’ Extended Race 9-Ball Event the following day. With the field of 32 players ranging in skill level, this tournament was set to be an unpredictable full-day grind.
After several hours of play, the field could be narrowed down to 6 players. Cesar Custodio was set to face Ray Jansen in the hot-seat match, while 4 players remained to face off in the B-Side quarterfinals. The B-Side quarterfinals were:
Ian Argue vs Karl Kasprzak
Arjun Devarajan vs Rob Johnson
Cesar C’s hot-streak would soon come to an end after Ray J defeated him 7-2. Meanwhile on the B-Side, Ian A defeated Karl K 5-0 and Rob J defeated Arjun D in a close double-hill 7-4 match. After beating Rob J in the B-Side semifinals, Ian A would eventually defeat Cesar C in the B-Side finals and advance to face Ray J for the Amateur Championship Title.
Unfortunately for Ray, his first loss of the tournament would come in the finals against Ian. Ian fought hard to win the final match 5-5. Congratulations to Ian Argue on his spectacular first place finish in Shooters’ Amateur 9-Ball Tour Event #7. Ray Jansen battled hard and finished second.
Ian A and Ray J sm
The tournament made for an exciting and long day of shooting, and great time was had by all. Shooters would like to thank all the players that came out to support their event and would also extend a welcome to everyone to join their upcoming tournaments listed below.
Shooters would like to remind everyone of its upcoming tournaments:
Sat Mar 5: Snooker 6-Reds Amateur Snooker Tournament
Sat Mar 5: ‘36’ 9-Ball Tournament
Please check the Shooters Snookerclub Facebook page and for dates and details for all upcoming tournaments. Please register early (especially for one-day events) to ensure a spot in upcoming tournaments. To register, please contact Peter Chin at (416)750-7787.
Field: Capped at 32 players (One-Day Event)
Prize Pool: $1,320
Calcutta: $850
1. Ian Argue $520
2. Ray Jansen $320
3. Cesar Custodio $200
4. Rob Johnson $120
5. Karl Kasprzak $80
6. Arjun Devarajan $80
** Calcutta not included **

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