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Amateur 9 Ball Tour #3

Only a few days till the 4 to 7 extravaganza! Are you excited?! With the biggest tournament of the year in a few days, it is no surprise to see players out getting their practice in. There were returning champions in the likes of Carlin and Waleed. Additionally, there were a few people that we haven’t seen in a while such as Dean Mcnaughton. With around 30 sharpshooters coming out for the prize money a winner is yet again unpredictable.
Once again, we are down to the final 12. The A side matches consisted of Carlin Sanderson versus Steve Menezes and Dean Mcnaughton versus Nito Bucais. On the B side the 5s showed up with Rocky Mansera playing Adam Roos,, Romeo Zulueta versus David Kirby, Mike Fischer versus Russ the fuss Cormier and Ronald ‘the price’ Giron versus Waleed Hashem. Out of this final twelve, you would have to pick Carlin as a favorite, however, you can’t count Waleed out as he has been known similarly to Carlin to come back from the B side.
In the first match Carlin hits his gear destroying Steve 9-0 putting Carlin into the A side finals and knocking Steve to the B side. Lets hope Steve can recover from that beating. Nito puts up a slightly stronger fight against his opponent Dean, but is unable to beat who I would argue is the most consistent player in the tournament. Starting with the top section of the B side, Adam who is known to be dangerous in particular matches proves to be a bit more consistent this week beating Rocky. David who has also been performing at a more consistent level also proceeded to face Adam but was unable to continue as Adam won 5-3. Adam goes on to play Steve whom looks like he has recovered for the most part, but Adam takes the match hill-hill to advance to the B side semi-finals!
In the bottom half of the B side Mike Fischer beats Russ as Waleed also comes out victorious against Ronald. Waleed once again goes on a tear beating Fischer 7-5 in a very lively match. Fischer might be one of the most interesting players at shooters to watch, his antics manage to grab the attention of the room every time he comes out to play. Waleed blows by Nito to now face Adam in the B side semi-final. Adam who officially becomes the new Shooters super 5 as he dominates Waleed with a 5-2 score line advances to the B side final and awaits the loser of Carlin and Dean.
Down to the final three matches of the night. As this is not a special event the person who comes from the B side to play in the finals does not have to beat the A side finalist twice. As the tournament comes to its conclusion there are rightfully the three strongest players left: Dean MacNaughton, Carlin Sanderson, and Adam Roos. The first match is the A side final between the two 8+s. There was no clear winner until Dean managed to grab a lead and keep it to the 8-6 score line. In the second match Adam, who relishes playing against higher handicaps, is unable to repeat the form against Waleed and suffers the same fate as Steve did earlier that night losing 9-0 and becoming this weeks’ third place. Now the match you’ve all been waiting for or should I say rematch? Being so late players were getting tired and that extra rest proved vital for Dean as he beat Carlin again in this week’s final 8 to 4 to become this week’s amateur champion! Congratulations Dean!
Congratulations to Dean MacNaughton for staying undefeated throughout our event. Shoutout also goes to Carlin Sanderson and Adam Roos for exceptionally playing and securing themselves second and third, respectively. Shooters would like to take this opportunity to thank all the players and supporters for coming over to our event. Honorable mentions to David Kirby for finally making it to the cash yet again after so many years of supporting Shooters’ tournaments.
Prize: $1480 ($500 added – No 15% holdback)
Calcutta: $650
1. Dean MacNaughton $500
2. Carlin Sanderson $330
3. Adam Roos $210
4. Waleed Hashem $140
5. Steve Menezes $90
6. Nito Bucais $90
7. Mike Fischer $60
8. David Kirby $60
***Calcutta not included***
Up Coming Events:
47 Extravaganza – 12th & 13th November. THIS SATURDAY THE REAL ACTION STARTS!
2-6 9 Ball Event – 13th November. This Sunday.

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