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7 and under 9-Ball – Super Filipino

This week’s 7 and under 9 ball event was well received with $500 dollars added there was plenty to play for. There was smaller field this week which makes the prize money that much more reachable by the individuals who have come out. Most of the Filipino’s came out today, they included: Cesar C, Romeo Z, John A, Nonito B, Alan Ada, Froland M, and Tony Hong.
With a smaller field I will start from the final 8. On the A side there was Cesar Custodio versus Romeo Zulueta and Jonathan S versus Kevin Oliveira. On the B side, there was Trevor Arnold versus Ronald Giron and John Andrade versus Steve Dutra. Cesar has been on a tear this tournament so far beating Tony hill-hill and then Nathan Clarke 4-3. Cesar’s match against Romeo proved to be the easiest winning 4-1 advancing himself to the A-side finals! Kevin was the benefactor in his match against the latecomer Jonathan who was in fine form until he ran into Kevin winning his previous 2 matches 7-1 and 7-2 respectively. This now puts Kevin against Cesar in the A side final. Once again Cesar proved his prowess by sending Kevin to the B side hill-hill but it was Cesar’s match to lose as he jumped into a 3-1 leading right off the bat.
On the B side, Ronald dominated Trevor 7-0 and now plays fellow compatriot Romeo. The inevitably long match finally came to an end with Romeo victorious and Ronald in defeat. On the B side, John continues his strong form beating Steve 8-2, however, he came two games short against Johnathan and thus eliminated from the tournament. Jonathan and Romeo, two 7s go head to head against each other. The match as you would expect is mostly even but after a couple of lucky rolls for Romeo he managed to close out the match 7-5. Kevin now has to play Romeo and once again the balls seemed to have gone Romeo’s way after a couple of lucky rolls and shots Romeo managed to beat Kevin hill-hill in quite a nail-biter of a match.

Romeo now gets his shot at revenge against Cesar, but since this is a special event Romeo does have to beat him twice. The first match Romeo seemed to have the upper hand but Romeo manages to squeak out the win hill-hill. Cesar who seemed to have thrown everything into round 1 was barely present in the second set succumbing to a 7-1 defeat leaving Romeo as the champion for this week’s 7 and under. Shooters would like to thank each and everyone that play/support our events and see you all in tomorrow “2-6” weekly 9-ball tournament.
Field: 22 players
Prize: $1,560 ($500 added)
Calcutta: $700
1. Romeo Zulueta $580
2. Cesar Custodio $380
3. Kevin Oliveira $240
4. Johnathan Sackney $160
5. John Andrade $100
6. Ronald Giron $100
**Calcutta not included**

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