404 9-Ball Tour

Three in a Row for Mario

404 9-Ball Tour, Shooters Billiards Alex Pagulayan (2)
Alex Pagulayan

It was a big surprise to see Alex Pagulayan in attendance last Saturday morning for the 404 9-Ball Tour at Shooters Billiards in Toronto.  Besides winning the World Championship in 2004, Alex Pagulayan has won multiple titles in every corner of the globe.
This handicapped tournament format has proven that even the world’s best are not guaranteed a win over the less experienced players.  Although Alex did make it to play on Sunday, his road to the finals was cut short by courtesy of Jeet Kandhai.
It was Mario Morra who once again worked his way to the winners circle.  Mario’s determined style of play has paid off for yet another title with a win over Rod Arsenault in the finals.
404 9-Ball Tour, Shooters Billiards Rod Arsenault (2)
Rod Arsenault

1st Mario Morra $720 $700
2nd Rod Arsenault $480 $430
3rd Jaypee Castillo $340 $260
4th Grace Nakamura $240 $170
5-6th Jeet Khandai $170 $85
5-6th Tom Polsinelli $170 $85
7-8th Ben Chang $120
7-8th Rob Hall $120
9-12th Peter Hetherington $80
9-12th Stefane Godinho $80
9-12th Randy Fawcett $80
9-12th Stuart MacTaggart $80
13-16th Ian Argue $50
13-16th Alex Pagulayan $50
13-16th Carlin Sanderson $50
13-16th Mike Patrowicz $50

404 9-Ball Tour, Shooters Billiards Mario Morra (2)
“Super” Mario Morra


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