404 9-Ball Tour

Stefan Godinho Wins First 404 Tour Event

40 players participated in the 1st stop of 404 9-Ball Tour on October 4-5th at Shooters in Toronto. The tour introduced the new “Minus 1” handicap system. In a match versus a professional, an amateur is required to win one game less to win the match after adjusting for the maximum number of 18 games per match. For example, if the match is a standard 11-7 race, then the 404 race becomes an 11-6 race. There were no changes the entry fee from previous 404’s. As a result of the new handicap format, some of the top players decided not to participate. Thus increasing opportunity for the lower ranked players.
Congratulations to Stefan Godinho for taking 1st place with a victory over Bobby Drowns in the finals.
1st – Stefan Godinho $900
2nd – Bobby Drowns $500
3rd – John Everekian $350
4th – Russ Cormier $220
5th – Ben Chang $120
6th – Romeo Zuluetta $120
7th – Ronald Giron $75
8th – Charlie Rowden $75

Bobby Drowns
Bobby Drowns

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