404 9-Ball Tour


With tournaments all over Ontario, Shooters had a strong field capped at 32 players to make it a one day event. Lots of big players were there including: Ryann Malinao, Waleed Hashem, Shane Gummerson, Carlin Sanderson and many more. The last 12 had very few surprises, on the A side there was Shane Gummerson versus Romeo Zulueta who had been playing strong all day and Nathan Clarke versus returnee Steve Scobia. On the B side, there was Isaac Ramos versus Joe Attia, Steve Menezes versus Curtis Miller, Carlin Sanderson versus Rocky Manserra and Garland Tully versus Ben Chang. The big question on readers minds might be could Carlin make it to the finals three times in the row? Read on to find out.
Shane Gummerson looked flawless as he quickly dispensed of Romeo 7-2. Shane’s been playing consistent all day and looks good to make the finals. In the other match two strong 6s go head to head. Both players traded games until Steve took the lead at 4-4 to win 6-4. Isaac manages to take the win over Joe 9-4 and goes on to face Steve who took out Curtis. Romeo who has been consistently strong all day continues you his run by disposing of Isaac 6-5, taking an early lead and holding it till he won. In the other bracket Carlin continues his run by beating Rocky hill-hill and goes on to face Ben who smoked Garland 9-1. Ben and Carlin’s match was slightly more even until Ben managed to finally edge out a lead against Carlin through pure determination and thus ending Carlin’s chance to make three Shooters’ finals back to back. Ben proceeds to play Nathan. As the two Chinese players of the tournament go head to head, Nathan plays too strongly for Ben to handle and wins 6-4.
As the night gets later the herd thins out to leave, on the A side: Steve Scobia versus Shane Gummerson and on the B side, Nathan Clarke versus Romeo Zulueta. There were no blow out matches during the later stages of the tournament with everyone playing well. Shane and Steve traded rack for rack until Shane pulled ahead 5-3 and went on to win 7-4. Nathan, on the other hand, managed to get a 5-2 lead against Romeo, but started to give it away with both of them drawing level at 5-5. Nathan does manage to close out the match though at 6-5. Shane now waits for the winner between Steve and Nathan.
Nathan seeks revenge as Steve is the one who sent Nathan to the B side earlier in the day and now both are competing to stay out of the C side and make it into the finals. Nathan and Steve once again were having a very close match despite the table breaking tough there were one or two run outs. The match goes hill-hill and Nathan makes a crucial mistake on the 5. Steve looks like the favourite to win at this point but the 8 and 9 are tied up. After Nathan misses his attempted bank shot on the 8 ball leaving Steve with a sharp cut on the 8 he under hits his shape to end up practically frozen on the 9. Steve elected to play safe and leave Nathan a bank on the 9 into the side pocket, Nathan plays the bank and misses however he gets lucky and it goes into the opposite side pocket to win the match hill-hill, what a fluke!
Now Nathan plays Shane in the finals of the first 404 9 Ball Tour of the season. Shane continues to shoot lights out but makes crucial mistakes towards the end of the rack letting Nathan get a few games. At 3-2 to Shane, Shane leaves a hard carom into the 9 from the 4 ball, Nathan tries and makes it to make it level again. As the match progresses Shane grabs a lead and never gives it away to win 7-3 to become this week’s tournament champion!

Shane Gummerson, Peter Chin and Nathan Clarke
Shane Gummerson, Peter Chin and Nathan Clarke

As always Shooters Snooker Club would like to thank all the players who came out to play and support the 404 9 Ball Tour. Huge congratulations to Shane Van Gummerson wins not losing a match the whole day! Shooters would also like to congratulate Nathan Clarke for coming back from the B side even though there was luck on his side. Good job to Steve Scobia too who has not played at the Shooters tournaments in a while and makes a strong return appearance. Please see Shooters’ next events below the prize section.
Field: capped 32 players (One-Day Event)
Prize: $1730 ($500 added)
Calcutta: $1040

1. Shane Gummerson $600
2. Nathan Clarke $390
3. Steve Scobia $250
4. Romeo Zulueta $170
5. Isaac Ramos $110
6. Ben Chang $110
7. Steve Menezes $50
8. Carlin Sanderson $50
***Calcutta not included***
Saturday, October 1, “3-7” handicap 10 ball tour #1.
Sunday, October 2, “2-5” 9-Ball handicap event.

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