404 9-Ball Tour

Mr Smooth right on Target

The last regular event of the 404 9-ball tour wrapped up last weekend at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket, Ontario.  There were 52 players in attendance.  The top favourites of the field both suffered first round losses.  Terry Snache caught Mario Morra by surprise with a 5-7 win.  Rod Arsenault also proved he should not be taken lightly as he pulled out a 7-9 win over John Morra.

Mr Smooth
Mr Smooth

Alan Ada
Alan Ada

On the A-Side, Alan Ada reached the finals with wins over Kevin Olivera (6-4), Shane Gummerson (6-5),  Rob Henry (6-5),  Bobby Drowns (6-3) and Ronald Giron (6-3).  Jeremy Isard looked impressive with wins over Vern Strom (7-4), Ian Argue (7-4), Stuart MacTaggart (7-2) and Ken Botham (7-6).  In the A-side finals, Jeremy’s momentum continued sending Alan Ada to the b-side with a convincing 7-1 win.
Waiting for Alan on the B-side was John Morra who kept his composure after his first round loss to Rod.  A very determined John Morra ploughed through the field outscoring his opponents 117-35 overall.  There was no stopping “Mr. Smooth” as he dominated Alan Ada (12-1).  In the finals,  Jeremy put up a good fight sending the match to the final rack, but it was John who handled the pressure and secured the title.
A special thanks to the staff at BigWigs and tournament director Blain Jorgensen for hosting this event.
This is how they finished:

Payout Calcutta
1st JOHN MORRA 12 $750 $700
2nd JEREMY ISARD 7 $460 $370
3rd ALAN ADA 6 $330 $240
4th KEN BOTHAM 7 $230 $160
5-6th IAN ARGUE 5 $150 $80
5-6th RONALD GIRON 7 $150 $80
7-8th STUART MacTAGGART 5 $110
7-8th TOM HOGAN 6 $110
9-12th CODY WARD 6 $75
9-12th BOBBY DROWNS 5 $75
9-12th JOHN PUCKETT 4 $75
9-12th ROB JOHNSON 7 $75


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