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Mr Smooth is back in town!

They say winter is coming…well, winter is here and so are 32 shooters to compete in this weeks’ 404 9 Ball Tour. All the strong players came out to attend this event including our own John Morra and Erik Hjorleifson! With both of them in the tournament, one of them surely must win. We also have the likes of previous winners in the form of Darwin Madriaja and Vince Chrysler. This is a one-day event capped at 32 players with everyone competing for $1610.
The final 12 included Vince Chysler versus Darwin Madriaja and John Morra versus John Andrade on the A side. On the B Side there was Stefane Godinho verus Erik Hjorleifson, Jeff Robson versus Mel B, Elizabeth Kishimoto versus Curtis Muller, and finally Chad Bishop versus TJ A. There were some early upsets with some strong players going to the B side, but more surprisingly, some people that played very well throughout the day.
In the first A side match Vince was outclassed by Darwin losing 4 games to 6 and being sent to the B side. A surprising result from John versus John, Andrade manages to go game for game with John Morra and eventually wins 7-7 sending John Morra to the B side. Their opponents would be Stefane and Elizabeth respectively. Stefane managed to beat Erik in a very tight hill-hill match and then managed to contain Jeff Robson to send him to the C side. Stefane now plays Vince in the B side quarterfinal match. Elizabeth was sent to the B side her first match getting smoked by Darwin. However, she managed to stay strong and fight through players of the likes of Waleed and Steve Menezes to then beat Curtis Miller hill-hill. Elizabeth then gives the stick to Chad 4-1 and now faces Johnny Morra in the B side quarterfinal.
Continuing with the B side matches, the two 7+s go at it with Vince and Stefane going shot for shot with each other. Vince manages to pull away to win 7-5. In the other match Elizabeth who has been playing strong all day has a chance to take our Johnny in a hill-hill match but fails to take it and gets knocked out of the tournament. Johnny then grabs his gear again against Vince and wins convincingly 13-3 against one of the strongest 7+s at Shooters. Johnny now waits for the loser between Darwin and John Andrade in the B side final match.
With only three matches to go, the day was finally coming to an end and we become much closer to finding out the winner of today’s 404 event. The two Filipinos go at it with Darwin winning hill-hill and secures himself a place in the final. This allows Johnny to get his revenge against John which he completes in another convincing 13-4 score line. Johnny now advances to the final against Darwin. Darwin manages to play consistent and strong against Johnny but that is not enough to beat the talent and experience that Canada’s no.1 brings to the table! Johnny wins this weeks’ 404 9 Ball Tour 13-4.

Congratulations to John Morra who has been undefeated this season during the week and weekend tournaments. Just goes to show hard work and determination pays off in the end. Shout out also goes to Darwin Madriaja and John Andrade for playing very well throughout the day and earning 2nd and 3rd position. Shooters would like thank everyone for their attendance in this bad weather and traffic condition. We would also like to thank the pros for coming over and playing this event. Shooters also wishes everyone a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Field: 32 players (One-Day Event)
Prize: $1610 (15% Holdback for the finale and $500 added)
Calcutta: $1240

1. John Morra $550
2. Darwin Madriaja $360
3. John Andrade $230
4. Vince Chrysler $150
5. Elizabeth Kishimoto $100
6. Stefane Godinho $100
7. Chad Bishop $60
8. Jeff Robson $60
***Calcutta not included***

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club 1448 Lawrence Ave E Toronto, Ontario

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