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Morra Turns on the Heat

Despite the fact that it was possibly the coldest weekend we have seen this winter, the action was hot at BigWigs, Newmarket. Tournament director Blain Jorgensen ran another smooth event with a full field of 64 players. The player auction started out strong with each of the first 5 blind bids exceeding $350. When the dust settled, there was $4,130 in the calcutta which ensured a nice payday for the players returning Sunday.
The field was jam packed with top 9-ball talent including Erik Hjorleifson, Tyler Nearing, Mario Morra, Andy Aupin, Raymond Cruz and newcomer Trevor Braymore. As is almost always the case at an event like this, at least one top seed is usually sent packing to the one loss side early. At this event, both Erik Hjorleifson and Andy Aupin suffered first round losses. Hjorleifson lost a 8-8 decision to Al Lougheed. Andy Aupin lost a 2 hour hill-hill match to Raymond Cruz.

Mario Morra
Mario Morra

As the matches finished up and players were sent to the left side of the board, the winners side came down to Jared Amyot vs Aaryn Sheahan and Raymond Cruz vs Mario Morra. Both of these matches were close, with Amyot and Morra advancing to play for the hot-seat. Jarod Amyot, a 25 year old from Cornwall was playing as a 7 handicap. Mario Morra would have to win 11 games. The contrasting styles of these two players made for an interesting match. It was Jared who secured his spot in the finals with a convincing 7-5 win.
Jared Amyot
Jared Amyot

Mario then faced Rob Johnson who just eliminated top shooter Raymond Cruz. The match was another hard fought one, but Mario ended Johnson’s run 11-4. Rob Johnson finished up in 3rd place. With Jared waiting to play the final match, the momentum was on Mario’s side. The momentum continued and Mario got his revenge in the finals winning the hill-hill match 11-6.
See you next time at Shooters in Toronto on February 5-6th.
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This is how they finished:
1st – MARIO MORRA (11) $850
2nd – JARED AMYOT (7) $500
3rd – ROB JOHNSON (6) $340
4th – RAYMOND CRUZ (11) $250
5-6th – JOE ATTIA (6) $180
5-6th – AARYN SHEAHAN (5) $180
7-8th – ANDREW ATTARD (9) $120
7-8th – SEAN SNIDER (5) $120
9-12th – DARLENE GARDINER (4) $70
9-12th – CODY WARD (5) $70
9-12th – D.J. WARD (5) $70
9-12th – TOM HOGAN (6) $70
Tournament Bracket Jan 2011

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