404 9-Ball Tour

Morra Reigns Again

The 8th installment of the 2014/15 ‘404’ 9 Ball season was held on the weekend of March 28/ 29, 2015 at the Shooters Snooker and Sports Club. Attendance remains strong for this long running series with 93 players ready to test their skills against both their amateur peers and the professionals. From 108 actual registrations the field was capped at 96 with 3 late withdrawals.
As a result of the size of the field, Saturday was a long day for many players. On the ‘A’ side, Mike Leigh, Peter Linkletter, Jody Johnson, Erik Hjorleifson, Tom Polsinelli, Norberto de Carlos, Steve Spencer and John Morra emerged undefeated. Surviving the ‘B’ side were Shane Gummerson, K.C. Nguyen, Rob Gray, Alan Ada, Marc Dumoulin, Rodel Puruganan, Jehlar Fernandez and Rob Hall who fought through their Saturday matches to make a Sunday appearance on little sleep.
In the ‘A’ side final John Morra defeated Mike Leigh sending Leigh to the ‘B’ side and Morra to the hot seat. On the ‘B’ side, Erik Hjorleifson was waiting for Leigh but Leigh was on a roll and defeated Hjorleifson in the ‘B’ final setting up a rematch with Morra for the tournament title. In the tournament final John Morra again had his way defeating Mike Leigh to claim his 2nd ‘404’ title in this 2014/15 season.
Congratulations to John Morra on his tournament win. John is currently Canada’s best 9 Ball player and the ease with which he soundly defeated his opponents in this ‘404’ event is a testament to his continually improving skills and never ending practice. As mentioned previously in this space the ‘404’ handicap system was changed this year in an effort to increase the pool of potential winners. And as a result of the handicap change, it was this correspondent’s opinion that it would be very difficult for a professional to win the tournament undefeated on the ‘A’ side. John has proved this assumption wrong as he steam rolled through the field to his tournament win.
The next ‘404’ event will take place on May 30/31, 2015 at Shooters. This will be final event of the 2014/15 season.
Many thanks again to those who participated. Please note that players must notify the tournament organizer of cancellations in sufficient time to permit others to participate. This is the primary reason the tournament begins unnecessarily late time after time.
** If you have pre-registered for the event you must be present and your entry fee paid by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in your place being forfeited to an individual on the waiting list.**

Place Player Rank Prize Money Calcutta
1st John Morra 12 $1,000 $1,700
2nd Mike Leigh 7 $680 $1,150
3rd Erik Hjorleifson 11 $480 $580
4th Jody Johnson 5 $320 $380
5-6th Tom Polsinelli 7 $200 $225
5-6th Norberto de Carlos 6 $200 $225
7th -8th Peter Linkletter 4 $130 $150
7th-8th Steve Spencer 6 $130 $150
9th -12th Marc Dumoulin 8 $80
9th -12th Rob Gray 7 $80
9th -12th Shane Gummerson 7 $80
9th -12th Jehlar Fernandez 5 $80
13th-16th K.C. Nguyen 6 $50
13th-16th Alan Ada 6 $50
13th-16th Rob Hall 10 $50
13th-16th Rodel Puruganan 8 $50

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