404 9-Ball Tour

Morra Over Morra on the 404 Tour

Shooter Billiards in Toronto hosted the 404 9-Ball Tour on February 9-10th.  Due to the snowy weather and extra efforts some players made to attend, the field was opened up to 73 players.  It ended up being a great event with some excellent pool!
In the A-side semi-finals, John Morra made a statement as he took out Bobby Drowns with a solid 12-1 score.  In the other semi-final, Rick Garant from Cambridge took care of the young sniper Stefane Godinho 7-6.  Rick then faced the red hot John Morra, John’s skills could not be overcome as John won the hotseat match 12-5.

John and Mario competing side-by-side at last years US Open
John and Mario competing side-by-side at last years US Open

As Rick turned his attention to the b-side, where he had to face yet another Morra.  This time it was Mario Morra.  Mario had lost his second match to Fawcet 7-7.  Rick Garant would settle for third as Mario took the 11-5 win in B-side final.  Mario had fought his way back to the finals, winning 8 consecutive matches.
Only two players remained, John Morra and his father Mario Morra.  It is no coincidence that these two players would meet each other in the finals.   This family eats, sleeps and breathes pool.  The results speak for themselves.  This time it was John’s turn for the spotlight as he pulled out the win 12-11 over Mario in the finals.

1st John Morra $900 $800
2nd Mario Morra $620 $490
3rd Rick Garant $450 $290
4th Stefane Godinho $300 $190
5-6th Terry Snake $200 $105
5-6th Bobby Drowns $200 $105
7-8th Vince Chrysler $100 $1,980
7-8th Randy Fawcett $100
9-12th Richard Robinson $75
9-12th Shane Gummerson $75
9-12th Ed Reyes $75
9-12th Rob Hall $75

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