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404 9-Ball Tour

Millar and Bass Split the 404 Tour

With just 4 events left before the Tour Finales in April, many new faces are securing their eligibility for the big bucks. It was a solid performance by Ryan Millar who took the hot seat with wins over Nick Blancher (7-2), Rob Johnson (7-3), George Cornelius (7-6), Erik Hjorleifson (7-5), Rodney Barrington (7-2) and Robin Bass (7-7).
Robin Bass then faced Dennis Rhodes on the B-Side for the second time in this event. A 9-5 win earned Robin a rematch against Ryan Millar. The two finalists decided to share the winnings and head home early. Thanks to BigWigs in Newmarket and tournament director Blain Jorgensen for running another smooth event.
This is how they finished:
1st – RYAN MILLAR (7) $920 (+$1,200 calcutta)
2nd – ROBIN BASS (9) $580 (+$700 calcutta)
3rd – DENNIS RHODES (7) $420 (+$440 calcutta)
4th – RODNEY BARRINGTON (7) $300 (+$290 calcutta)
5-6th – DARREN CORSTON (7) $200 (+$160 calcutta)
5-6th – STEFANE GODINHO (7) $200 (+$160 calcutta)
7-8th – ISAAC RAMOS (7) $130
7-8th – CODY WARD (5) $130

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