404 9-Ball Tour

Mario Morra handles the Heat

A strong field of 44 players showed up this past weekend for the 404 9-Ball Tour at Shooters Billiards in Toronto.

Mario Morra
Mario Morra

Leading the top half of the bracket was Romeo Zulvetta (6) with wins over Doug Scott, Stephan Godinho, Teen Yan, Carlin Sanderson and Dean McNaughton. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Mario Morra (11) who started out strong with an 11-0 win in the first round, followed by a 11-3 win in the second round. However, with this difficult handicapped format each of Mario’s remaining matches were all decided in the final game. Mario had “hill-hill” wins over Al Smart, Tom Polsinelli and Naomi Williams leading into the A-side Finals against Romeo.
In the hot seat match, Mario did it again pulling off the hill-hill win over Romeo to get to the finals. Romeo then faced Rod Arsenault (7) on the B-side who was hoping to win his second 404 title. Rod settled for 3rd place as Romeo earned a rematch against Mario. The result was the same in the finals as Mario took the win in the last rack. Congratulations to Mario Morra for overcoming the demanding format of this tour and managing the hill-hill pressure.
This is how they finished

1st Mario Morra $750 $940
2nd Romeo Zulvetta $500 $470
3rd Rod Arsenault $360 $290
4th Al Smart $260 $190
5-6th Dean McNaughton $180
5-6th Naomi Williams $180
7-8th Tom Polsinelli $110
7-8th T.J. Humber $110

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