404 9-Ball Tour

John Morra Wins Another One

John Morra `12`
Fifty players showed up for the sixth event of the 404 9-ball Tour at BigWigs Billiards in Newmarket this past weekend. Leading the top half of the bracket was Alex Radomski with wins over Duane Leitch (8-5), McEarl Bucais (8-3), Alan Ada (8-4), Mario Morra (7-4) and Tyler Nearing (8-1). Leading the bottom half of the bracket was DJ ward with wins over Jack Reid (5-3), Justin Zammitt (5-1), Eric VanDervlugt (5-2), Nito Bucais (5-2) and Jaypee Castillo (5-4).
Playing for the hot seat was Alex Radomski vs DJ Ward. Alex continued his impressive play winning 8-3 sending DJ to the one loss side. Waiting for DJ on the b-side was John Morra. John Morra was sporting his new “12” handicap.
Alex Radomski
This is a first for the 404-tour as no player has ever carried such a high rating. John lost his first round match to Rob McGill (6-7). It only took the one match for John to get comfortable with his new rating. John won ten matches in a row with wins over Wayne Graves, Rob Johnson, Erik Hjorleifson, Ian Argue, Richard Murray, Alan Ada, Tyler Nearing, Jaypee Castillo, DJ Ward and finally Alex Radomski for his fourth consecutive title.
This is how they finished:
1st – JOHN MORRA (12) $900
2nd – ALEX RADOMSKI (8) $580
3rd – D.J. WARD (5) $400
4th – JAYPEE CASTILLO (6) $280
5-6th – TYLER NEARING (10) $180
5-6th – ROBIN BASS (9) $180
7-8th – MARIO MORRA (11) $120
7-8th – ALAN ADA (6) $120
1st – $1,470
2nd – $880
3rd – $520
4th – $360
5th – $220
6th – $220
The next 404-Tour is not until January 7, 2012. See you all at Shooters in Toronto next year!

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