404 9-Ball Tour

Fernandez over Sanderson at Shooters

Shooters held it’s 404 Tour event # 3 this mid-November weekend. Prior to the first break, 404 organizers decided to make a change to the format due to discussion that occured in the last few months Shooters removed the Minus One system and adjusted players handicaps to make the playing field a lot more level.  This 404 event attracted 53 players including three local billiard professionals.
Shooters would like to congratulate Jehlar Fernandez for dominating and winning this weekend’s event. Event#3 has brought out the most talented and toughest board this year.
Jehlar went undefeated both days. On day two, Jehlar faced Carlin Sanderson in the A side finals. In a close match-up, Carlin was defeated and bumped to the B-side. Carlin defeated Marius Nakas in the B-side finals to earn him a chance back in the finals to this weekends event. Jehlar kept his momentum going and showed a lot of focus to defeat Carlin 6-5.
Shooters would like to thank all the players that participated in the 404 tour event#3. There were a lot of events happening with-in the GTA and the barbox championship in Ottawa. Shooters really appreciates the support from the players to make these tour events successful.

Carlin Sanderson, Peter Chin & Jehlar Fernandez
Carlin Sanderson, Peter Chin & Jehlar Fernandez

Event: 404 tour event#3
# of players: 53
Total Purse: $2,660
Calcutta: $2,270

1st  Jehlar Fernandez $900
2nd  Carlin Sanderson $540
3rd  Marius Nakas $320
4th  Erik Hjorleifson $210
5th  John Morra $135
6th  Rob Henry $135
7th  Jackson Revell $90
8th  Johnathan Sackney $90
9th  Rex Martinez $60
10th  Jeremy Bolahood $60
11th  John Timmermans $60
12th  Stefane Godinho $60

Shooters will be hosting a one day tournament next week for players SL3-6. Shooters ’36’ 9-ball is on November 28. Contact Peter Chin for details 416 750 7787

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