404 9-Ball Tour

Isaac Ramos in the Spotlight

Stop 2 of the 404 9-ball Tour was held on October 26-27 at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto.  There were a total of 55 players and plenty of good pool was played this weekend.  On Sundays play, more than half of the matches were decided in the final rack which made for some great excitement.  A true testament that the handicaps system is working well.

Isaac Ramos
Isaac Ramos

Isaac Ramos was the star this weekend as he pulled off a hill-hill win in the b-side finals against Adam Monture.  Isaac did it again in the finals against Justin Leyland with another hill-hill victory.  Congratulations Isaac!
This is how they finished:

1st Isaac Ramos $750 $900
2nd Justin Leyland $560 $560
3rd Adam Monture $420 $340
4th Norberto DeCarlos $280 $230
5-6th Peter Hetherington $190 $115
5-6th Rick Garrant $190 $115
7-8th Ed Reyes $100
7-8th Scott MacDonald $100
9-12th Ronald Giron $60
9-12th Jeet Khandai $60
9-12th Nick Blancher $60
9-12th Carlin Sanderson $60

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