404 9-Ball Tour

Hjorleifson Stuns Sanderson at Shooters

Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto had a full field of 64 players for the 404 9 Ball tour. With many of the local top players south of the border competing in the Turning Stone Classic, we were likely to see a new player stealing the spotlight.
In the top half, Carlin Sanderson started out strong winning his first two matches 7-0. His run to the finish line continued as he ousted Shane Gummerson (7-4), Alex Radomski (7-6) and Rob Hall (7-7). On the lower half, Erik Hjorleifson wasted no time coming out of his bracket to face Carlin in the A-side finals.

Carlin Sanderson
Carlin Sanderson

Erik Hjorleifson
Erik Hjorleifson

In the hot seat match, Erik needed 11 games while Carlin only raced to 7. Carlin took an early 3-1 lead before Erik tied it up 5-5. Erik won 3 of the next 4 games to go ahead 8-6.  Carlin then put it away winning the last game to send Erik to the b-side. Waiting on the b-side was Adrian Fragoso who came off a big 6-0 win against Ed Reyes. But this day belonged to Erik Hjorleifson. Erik earned his rematch against Carlin sending Adrian home with an impressive third place finish. As often the case, the momentum was with the player emerging from the b-side. Erik played great in the finals winning 11-3 with 5 break-and-runs.
Thanks to the owners and staff at Shooters.  Congratulations to everyone who played. This is how they finished:

1st Erik Hjorleifson $875 $750
2nd Carlin Sanderson $590 $460
3rd Adrian Fragoso $420 $280
4th Ed Reyes $290 $190
5-6th Rob Hall $200 $90
5-6th Laurent $200 $90
7-8th Naomi Williams $100 $1,860
7-8th K.C. Nguyen $100
9-12th Alex Radomski $60
9-12th Gannon McSweeny $60
9-12th Karam Namek $60
9-12th Chris Russell $60

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