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404 9-Ball Tour

Harvey Shognosh Takes Down 404 Tour

With many of the top players out of town, the 404 Tour had it’s largest showing of players on the February 26-27 weekend at BigWigs, Newmarket. Tournament director Blain Jorgensen probably had the most challenging task of all, running a 90 player double elimination bracket over 2 days.
On the top side of the bracket was Al Lougheed pushing through with wins over Tom Polsi, Rob Johnson, Raphael Balverde, Rob Henry and John Handzel. It was Dean McNaughton who came through the lower bracket with wins over Aaryn Sheahan, James Sinclair, Issac Ramos, Waynes Graves and Mario Morra. Dean earned his spot in the finals with an 8-5 win over Al Lougheed.
Al then faced Harvey Shognosh who was tearing up the B-side after losing to John Handzel late Saturday night. This Sunday belonged to Harvey as he easily won with a convincing 8-1 score. With the momentum on his side, Harvey also took the $1,000 first place price with an 8-3 win over Dean McNaughton.
Congratulations Harvey!
This is how they finished:
1st – HARVEY SHOGNOSH (8) $1,000
2nd – DEAN MacNAUGHTON (8) $600
3rd – AL LOUGHEED (8) $400
4th – DEREK CLAUS (8) $300
5-6th – MARIO MORRA (11) $220
5-6th – JOHN HANDZEL (8) $220
7-8th – KIRK McKEEN (7) $150
7-8th – RAPHAEL BALVERDE (7) $150
9-12th – WAYNE GRAVES (7) $100
9-12th – DAN DOERNER (10) $100
9-12th – ROB HENRY (7) $100
9-12th – PAUL TYTLER (7) $100
13-16th – JESSE PIERCEY (7) $70
13-16th – JEFF POLLOCK (7) $70
13-16th – WAYNE TATE (7) $70
13-16th – PETER HETHERINGTON (6) $70

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