404 9-Ball Tour

Christmas Comes Early for Isard

With Christmas around the corner, 43 players ducked out of the cold weather and enjoyed a weekend of intense 9-ball competition at Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto.  It was Jeremy Isard who stole the show (and the money).  Jeremy had a strong 3rd place finish in this event just 2 weeks ago and returned to complete his unfinished business.

Jeremy Isard
Jeremy Isard

Jeremy started the Saturday off with a 6-4 win over Doug Scott and continued with victories over Jeet Khandai (6-6) and Isaac Ramos (6-5).  In the lower bracket, tournament favourite John Morra was running racks with his usual steady play.
On Sunday morning, Mike Patrowicz managed to get the best of Morra but was unable to hold off Jeremy Isard in the hot seat match.  On the b-side, John Morra faced Peter Hetherington who was deep into the tournament field once again.  John sent Peter back to the practice table with a 12-2 win.  Next in line for Mr. Morra was Peter Linkletter.  John had to overcome a difficult handicap race of 12-4.   John didn’t miss much winning the match 12-1.  It was a nice finish for both Peter…and Peter.
In the b-side finals John Morra faced Mike Patrowicz for the second time.  Morra got his revenge and secured his spot in the finals against Jeremy Isard.  This would be Jeremy’s first time in the finals of the 404 9-ball tour and he was up against one of Canada’s best.  Jeremy rose to the occasion and took the title with a 6-4 win.  Wow!

1st Jeremy Isard (6) $750 $740
2nd John Morra (12) $500 $490
3rd Mike Patrowicz (9) $350 $240
4th Peter Linkletter (4) $240 $150
5-6th Peter Hetherington (6) $160
5-6th Alan Ada (6) $160
7-8th Bobby Drowns (5) $100
7-8th Jeet Khandai (7) $100


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