404 9-Ball Tour

Big Red is Back

Scott MacDonald
The 404-Tour returned to Shooters Snooker and Sports Club in Toronto on March 31st. The 54 participants included a wide range of handicaps ranging from a “4” rating to a “11” rating. Each player is required to race to their number. The rack your own, alternate break format seems to be working well as most of the matches are decided by 1-2 games.
The tournament was full of surprises as many of the top ranked players did not make it to Sunday’s money rounds. Robin Bass was not able to get past Ian Argue, Mario Morra was sent home courtesy of Alan Ada and Norberto DeCarlos continued his hot streak knocking out London sniper Tyler Nearing.
Erik Hjorleifson "Big Red"

It was Erik Hjorleifson who had no difficulty taking care of business this weekend. Congratulations Erik!
1st- Erik Hjorleifson (11) $840 (+$900 calcutta)
2nd- Scott MacDonald (7) $540 (+$560 calcutta)
3rd– Cody Ward (5) $380 (+$340 calcutta)
4th- Ken Stutz (6) $240 (+$230 calcutta)
5/6– Mike Amaral (5) $180 (+$120 calcutta)
5/6– Shaun Lee (6) $180 (+$120 calcutta)
7/8– Lee Brett (7) $120
7/8- Mike Patrowicz (9) $120
9/12- Isaac Ramos (7) $70
9/12- Norberto DeCarlos (5) $70
9/12- Jaypee Castillo (6) $70
9/12- Justin Kluznik (8) $70

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