404 9-Ball Tour

Big Red Does It Again

Shooters Snooker & Sports Club hosted the 404 9-Ball Tour Finale on April 28-29 at the popular Toronto pool room. A field of 76 players including many of the top names came out to capture the coveted title and a piece of the $7,615 purse.

Erik Hjorliefson
Reigning Shooters champion Erik Hjorleifson went through the field undefeated. Meeting Hjorleifson in the match for the hot seat was 21 year old Pod Shognosh from Sarnia who also had an impressive weekend. In the match for the hot seat, Erik played determined to repeat as champion, with an dominant win over Pod, earning an undefeated spot in the finals.
On the one-loss side there were several strong players still fighting to grind back to the finals including Mario Morra, John Timmermans, Brittany Bryant and Dave Parker. “Dangerous” Rodney Barrington was playing strong enough to win the event, but was edged out by John Everekian. However, Everekian was eventually ousted from the tournament hill-hill by Pod Shognosh, leaving him with a strong 3rd place finish. Pod’s win over John Everekian set up a rematch in the finals between Pod Shognosh and Erik Hjorleifson.
Pod Shognosh

The final match of the tournament started late in the evening on Sunday. In the very last game with the score hill-hill, Shognosh pocketed the 8-ball using the rest only to witness the cue ball rub the 9 and fall into the pocket giving Erik ball-in-hand on the 9. Needless to say, Erik won the match and successfully defended his title at the Shooters venue.
Congratulations to Erik on achieving this notable feat. The last event of the fifth season 404-Tour will be held on May 12-13th at Big Wigs Billiards in Newmarket. As it is also a finale event with extra money added, only qualified players can participate.
1st- Erik Hjorleifson $1,800 (+$1,800 calcutta)
2nd- Pod Shognosh $1,375 (+$1,150 calcutta)
3rd– John Everekian $1,000 (+$700 calcutta)
4th- Rodney Barrington $700 (+$460 calcutta)
5/6– Isaac Ramos $450 (+$240 calcutta)
5/6– Dean MacNaughton $450 (+$240 calcutta)
7/8– Brittany Bryant $300
7/8- Jeff Robson $300
9/12- K.C. Nguyen $190
9/12- Mario Morra $190
9/12- Dave Parker $190
9/12- John Timmermans $190
13/16- Tom Hogan $120
13/16- Mike Patrowicz $120
13/16- Jaypee Castillo $120
13/16- Jesse Piercey $120

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