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Ben Chang tops Amateur Event at Shooters

This past weekend (November 22 & 23) saw the 3rd tournament in the Shooters Amateur Event series take place. From an initial cap of 32 players the tournament has expanded to 64 players to accommodate the strong interest by players. A waiting list for entry to the tournament has also become standard which suggests that full fields will be common for the future. And similar to past Amateurs the player Calcutta was again active with the no heavy favourites in the tournament field.
After play concluded on Saturday, Ben Chang, Marius Nakas, Kevin Oliveira and Tom Polsinelli were undefeated on the ‘A’ side of the draw. On the one loss side, John Everekian, K C Nguyen, Richard Murray, Brittany Bryant, Desmond Cysani, Raphael Balverde, Carlin Sanderson and Ronald Giron managed to survive to return for Sunday play.
In the ‘A’ side final Polsinelli prevailed over Chang sending Chang to the ‘B’ side and Polsinelli to the hot seat. Over on the ‘B’ side, Chang was able to defeat the plucky Oliveira in the ‘B’ side final. In the tournament final Ben Chang got his revenge by defeating Tom Polsinelli in a closely contested match.
Congratulations to Ben Chang on his tournament win. Ben’s steady consistent play over the past several months has earned him top finishes in several tournaments.
Many thanks again to those who participated and apologies to those who were unable to play due to the high demand for entry into this event. It should also be noted that all pool tables at Shooters (including the bar boxes) have been recently re-clothed with championship Simonis 860 billiard cloth to enhance the tournament experience..
The next Shooters Amateur 9 Ball Event will be held December 27 and 28th.
** If you have pre-registered for the event you must be present and your entry fee paid by 11:00 a.m. on the day of the tournament. Failure to do so may result in your place being forfeited to an individual on the waiting list.**

Finish Player Ranking Prize Money Calcutta
1st Ben Chang 7 $900 $940
2nd Tom Polsinelli 7 $500 $520
3rd Kevin Oliveira 5 $340 $310
4th Marius Nakas 7 $220 $210
5-6th Carlin Sanderson 7 $120 $55
5-6th John Everekian 9 $120 $55
7th -8th Desmond Csanyi 8 $80
7th-8th Richard Murray 7 $80
9th -12th Raphael Balverde 7 $50
9th -12th Ronald Giron 7 $50
9th -12th Brittany Bryant 7 $50
9th -12th K.C. Nguyen 6 $50


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