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Amateurs Prevail at the Four Points Tour

The second stop of the Four Points Tour is in the books. Forty-Three players were in attendance at Big Wigs Billiards in Newmarket, Ontario on October 18-19th. There has been plenty of discussion on the new handicap format. The results speak for themselves as many top players were eliminated early from this event.
Leading the top half of the bracket was Brad Guthrie with wins over Jay Secord, Tol Kuy, Ben Chang and Darlene Gardiner. Leading the bottom half of the bracket was Steven Spencer with wins over Jenn Oliver, Rodel Puruganan, Andy Aupin, Raphael Balverde and Ian Argue.
Playing for the hot seat on Sunday was Brad Guthrie and Steven Spencer. This match went to the final rack with Guthrie coming out on top. Waiting for Spencer on the one lost side was Ben Chang who had been on a mission since losing to Brad on Saturday evening. This was a great match with Ben Chang coming away with the win 7-5 to get to the finals.

In the finals it was Chang (7) vs Guthrie (7). Chang was on top of his game and earned the title with a 7-4 win over Brad. Well done guys.

1st BEN CHANG 7 $700 $780
2nd BRAD GUTHRIE 7 $440 $400
3rd STEVEN SPENCER 6 $320 $270
4th TOL KUY 8 $220 $200
5-6th IAN ARGUE 5 $140 $160
5-6th DARLENE GARDINER 4 $140 $160
7-8th SUMON SARKAR 6 $100
7-8th STEVE SCOBIE 6 $100

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