404 9-Ball Tour

404 Tour Season Finale Results

The 6th season of the 404 Tour has wrapped up at Bigwigs Billiards in Newmarket.  Sixty-four qualified players filled the double elimination 9-ball bracket.  The two top ranked players on the Tour, John Morra and Erik Hjorleifson, were not in attendance as they are currently representing the “Toronto Blue Sharks” in Las Vegas in the World Professional Billiard League.  The absence of these two great players opened the door for the upcoming talent on the scene.
In the top half of the bracket, Ron Ranalli worked his way to the a-side finals with wins over Jaypee Castillo (5-3), Randy Fawcett (5-5), Naomi Williams (5-4), Jyri Kari (5-3) and Brad Guthrie (5-5).  In the lower bracket Justin Kluznik got through his tough first round match against Mario Morra (7-5).  Justin continued his strong play beating Isaac Ramos (8-6), Rafiq Kassam (8-3), Wayne Tate (8-5) and Tyler Nearing (8-2).
As the tournament progressed, Justin’s game just got stronger.  Justin faced Ron Ranalli in the a-side finals and wasted no time in sending Ron to the b-side to face Brad Guthrie.  At this point, Ranalli was out of steam.  Brad Guthrie, also having a terrific weekend, put an end to Ron’s run for the title with a 7-2 score.  An impressive finish for Ron finishing in 3rd place.

Ron Ranalli
Ron Ranalli

The stage was set for the final match of the season.  Justin Kluznik would face off against Brad Guthrie.  This was Justin’s first time in the finals of this tour.  Justin Kluznik took the title getting the best of Brad with an 8-4 win.  Well done guys!
Brad Guthrie
Brad Guthrie

Justin Kluznik
Justin Kluznik

1st JUSTIN KLUZNIK 8 $1,700 $1,100
2nd BRAD GUTHRIE 7 $1,250 $700
3rd RON RANALLI 5 $900 $500
4th NORBERTO DeCARLOS 5 $620 $340
5-6th TYLER NEARING 10 $420 $240
5-6th RONALD GIRON 7 $420 $240
7-8th ROMEO ZULUETTA 6 $280 $140
7-8th SHANE GUMMERSON 7 $280 $140
9-12th STEVE SPENCER 4 $180
9-12th ROB HALL 10 $180
9-12th JYRI KARI 6 $180
9-12th WAYNE TATE 8 $180
13-16th MANNY ESTEVES 6 $110
13-16th ISAAC RAMOS 7 $110
13-16th BOBBY DROWNS 5 $110
13-16th ANDY AUPIN 11 $110


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